Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Hebru Brantley Mural is at Sound Table!

Here is the official flyer courtesy of Hebru, AllWays Open and Heineken...


Plain and simple, May 2nd is the date! Come celebrate the mural soon to adorn Old 4th Ward by the world renowned artist Hebru Brantley. He is flying in from Chicago to put in work on what I consider ATL's grandest canvas, the street side of the Sound Table on the corner of Boulevard and Edgewood. My company AllWays Open Creative produced Hebru's first show at Loews Hotel Atlanta (see the video here) and it was bananas! It's time to do it again.
Anyway, I welcome you to come by and shoot him in action starting Monday, April 27th and throughout the week. If you are using social media, let's prove how we can all support each other and use hastags #AllWaysHebruHeineken and #AllWaysOpen when possible. We will certainly "like" and support your posts. I got it started on my Instagram here (@realalesharpton).
By the way, there will also be an article in Creative Loafing about how my company, AllWays Open Creative (Me, Mike Moore, and Eric Nine) and Heineken got together with the super chill Sound Table and made this happen. 
Thanks again for your support. If you need anything, kindly email me at 


Friday, April 24, 2015

Two of Georgia’s best breweries celebrate their anniversary Saturday!

It was like it was yesterday. This is Creature Comforts a few months prior to their grand opening almost a year ago. 

Here are the beer lists and entertainment schedules directly from Burnt Hickory and Creature Comforts


Always showing love to Georgia's beer scene, I have covered both Kennesaw’s Burnt Hickory and Athens’ Creature Comforts on Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’ since their inception three and one year ago respectively. Since I obtained the beer list for both celebrations going down Saturday, April 25thrain or shine directly from them, I had to spread the good news ASAP! I congratulate them both and will continue to be one of the best not only in the South, but in the nation!

Straight from Scott Hedeen, the Burnt Hickory founder and Brewmaster:
Here it is! We are ready for rain and have all of the tasting areas under tents or inside the brewery. There are NO pre-sale tickets for entry. Glasses are $15
You must be 21 to partake in beer samples.
We are Kid and Pet friendly.
Music by The Blacktop Rockets @3 p.m. Genki Genki Panic @1 p.m.

The Rowdy Station. (the truck in the loading dock area)
1. Ezekiel's Wheel Pale Ale 6%
2.The Didjits Blood Orange IPA 7%
3. Cannon Dragger IPA 8%
4. Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout 9%
THE KEEZER (in the brewhouse by cooler)
1.Old Wooden Head Imp IPA 11%
2. Wrong Em Boyo Coffee IPA 8%
3. Wendell Gee Coffee/Fudge Stout 9%
4. Spanish Bombs IPA Habanero IPA 8%
5. Killboy Powerhead Orange Creamsicle IPA 7%
6. Cobra Verde Mexican Cornbread Rye 6%
TAP BOX #1 (outside in Willstock)
1. Ezekiels Wheel Pale Ale 6%
2. Mudhoney Honey Brown Ale 7%
3. The Didjits Blood Orange IPA 7%
4. Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout 9%
TAP BOX #2 (inside at Touchy's Clown O Rama)
1. Mudhoney Honey Brown Ale 7%
2. If You See Kay peach golden belgian 9%
CASKHOLE (three special casks in parking lot)
1. Mother of Mercy Apple Pie ala mode Eerie Von
2. Crop Circle. Atomic Fire Ball Charred Walls of the Damned.
3. Hottentot Maple infused non barrel aged Killdozer 
TAP BOX #3 (in tasting room. will open if not too crowded)
1. Fighting Bishop Green Peppercorn Tripel 9%
2. Mudhoney Honey Brown Ale 7%
3 Killboy Powerhead Orange Creamsicle IPA 7%
4. Old Wooden Head Imp IPA 11%
FUTURE BREWERS OF GA (outside tasting room on patio)
-approx. 8 t0 10 research and develo p.m.ent beers made by
some of our favorite local home brewers. We brewed their recipes
on our pilot system over the last 3 months. They helped as we brought their recipes to life. This is a great pay it forward and local
support of the home brewers we all know and love. 

Special Hourly Pours (TBD location)
all beer are based on availability.
Noon: Statesboro Blues Blueberry Stout 9% (Two Kegs)
1 p.m. Barron Munchausen Crunchberry Stout 9% (Two Kegs)
2  p.m. Mud Ride Pineapple/Cocanut Mudhoney (One Keg)
              Big Muff Butterscotch/Honey Mudhoney (Two Kegs)
3  p.m. Zekey Stardust Cranberry Zeke (Two Kegs)
4  p.m. SOUR HOUR w/ Halo of Flies Sour Stout and
         Phantom Toll booth Flemish Red. 
THIS IS THE LIST. It could change but I'm hoping it won't. A grand total of 23 different beers from BHB. A lot to sample and enjoy! 
Thanks for another great year!
And Creature Comforts is slinging these babies on Saturday. It’s $25 per signature glass starting at 11:00 according to their site here.

The List:
DaySpring [Grisette]
Bourbon Barrel Aged Koko Buni 
Koko Buni (these are the last kegs until next year)
Southerly Love 
Reclaimed Rye
Cosmik Debris [DIPA]
The Curious no 2 [Our GABF bronze medal beer]
The Curious no 3 [100% brett bourbon barrel fermented ale w/ blackberries]
The Curious no 4 [Blended Maple Bourbon Barrel Stout]
Reminisce [Saison]
Reko Reclaimed Rye
Athena Paradiso 
Automatic [Pale Ale]
Mac’s Maple

Take your time and try to sip as many varieties (AS POSSIBLE) since both breweries are GANGSTER!



Monday, April 20, 2015

Cool events going on in ATL the week!

This event is popping off at 4:20 today at the Porter Beer Bar!

Lagunitas, Delirium, CigarBQue, Burnt Hickory's Anniversary, and Cali Picnic are throwing down this week!


To out a silver lining on this upcoming week, I wanted highlight a few events that are going down starting today. I hope to see you at a couple of these soon!
By the way, I even threw in a sneak peek at the flyer we have coming out regarding my company AllWays Open Creative putting on another classic production featuring world renowned artist Hebru Brantley. (Did you go to our epic Penny Candy art show last time? Here's what went down!) Let's go! It's going to be at the Sound Table May 2nd. Of course, anyone reading my blog gets the leaks before it hits the mainstream. I appreciate y'all!
Look for more additions as the week progresses. 

Lagunitas Tap Takeover
Starting at 4:20 today inside the Porter Beer Bar, it's a Lagunitas 15-tap takeover including their awesome Waldo brew. Here's the breakdown:
Pure Delirium
Delirium pours there amazing portfolio of brews at World Of Beer-Midtown during their "Pure Delirium" night tomorrow (Tuesday) starting at 6 pm. If you haven't had their beer, get on board!
You dig cigars, top-notch barbecue like the Fox Bros., and libations? Well this nationally hopping classy affair called CigarBQue starts smoking at on Thursday in Atlanta. I wish I could hit it up but I am hosting a car event. It looks slick though! Get tickets here.
Burnt Hickory's 3rd Anniversary
My boy Scott Hedeen and his team have been making some phenomenal beers for the past three years and it's time to party and celebrate their liquid mastery from noon to 5 this Saturday at their estate in Kennesaw, GA. Definitely say hello to my brewing partner Jon Shari representing the upcoming Little Cottage Brewery. He will be pouring something GANGSTER! Here is the info.

Beats, brews and merchandise are just a few of the highlights of this 21st annual celebration of everything West Coast. Even if you are from the east..or wherever for that matter, everyone is welcome! Just catch up on your E-40, Death Row, Kendrick Lamar, and Hieroglyphics before sliding through from 2 pm until the sun sets this Saturday at Washington Park!
Hebru Brantley Mural Celebration with AllWays Open and Heineken
My AllWays Open Creative agency got with Heineken and we were able to get Hebru Brantley the mural wall on the side of the Sound Table in Old 4th Ward! It will be completed on Saturday, May 2nd and we will be partying hard in celebration from 11 pm, on with Stone Throw's J Rocc on the ones and twos. You gotta roll to this joint! 


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The 2015 Classic City Brew Fest was, well, Classic!

Here are some gangster photos to prove it!

Whaddup Everyone!

As usual, the Classic City Brew Fest held in Athens, Georgia was an incredible time. Not only is this one of my top three beer fests in Georgia, but with it being the 20th anniversary this past Sunday, it made it that much more grand. I mean come on, more than 400 beers to sip, 28 rare casks, live music and most importantly, great people buzzing throughout the Graduate Hotel grounds, this was one of the most memorable ones I have had the pleasure of covering. A major shout out goes to Owen Ogletree, the man with the plan to make this happen.
To show more love besides this written shout out, here are some of the dope pictures I, along with my brother Lamont, took. From kicking it with some of the individuals responsible for Georgia’s beer scene being increasingly gangster (Owen, Matt Simpson, Phil Farrell, brewery reps, distributors, aficionados, cool ass people, etc.), to standout brews that wowed me, enjoy these flicks!
To all of the folks in ATL, Athens and surrounding communities, much love!
Let’s keep sippin’ and supporting the craft! Stay tuned for our visit to the Trappeze Pub soon too!

Your homey,


Now on to the snaps...


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’: Operation Amsterdam

My homey "Ster" servin' up some U.S. goodness at her
Amsterdam-based Beer Temple beer bar.

Let's go to Europe!
Hey Craft Beer Lovers!

I am trippin’ literally! On the real, I flew into Amsterdam to start off a beer cruise labeled AMAWaterways’“Tulip Time”—their first beer-influenced excursion—which I am covering for you, my homies! In fact, this trip is the one I chose as a gangster selection in my annual Ale Sharpton Holiday Gift Guide hereAnyway, on my first day, I hit the pavement hard once I got to the ship to unload my luggage and then hit the streets.  
One of the destinations on the cruise’s itinerary was to check out the rich history of the Heineken Experience, a museum-ish venue exhibiting how the Heineken family’s brewing empire came together. And yes, the beer tastes totally different. No skunk. No haunting aftertaste. No nothin’ but a cleaner, refreshing sip served the traditional way or damn cold as the pics illustrate! Speaking of which, I am going photo-heavy while I am here because the Internet is hella shaky when hittin’ the seas.
Kicking it with my homey Anna who lives in Amsterdam, she answered my demand to see the “java” hype at a “coffee shop” before hitting up the 30-tap, American-craft-beer-stacked Beer Temple pub—we’re talkin’ about 30 taps of U.S. goodness ranging from the Prairie Artisan Ales to Dark horse Lagunitas and Dark Horse. Hell, Temple’s super cool manager popularly recognized as “Ster” said I could post my sticker on her Temple’s door next to Terrapin Beer Co.’s, my Athens, Georgia neighbor down the street from my condo in Atlanta! Ultimately, this bar is a must when you visit my second beloved “A-Town” and helps make your adjustment from the hoppy IPAs and robust imperial stouts that you are accustomed to in the States if you live in my country, to the Pilsners, Belgian brews, and lagers overall that dominate the taps here.
Anyway, I love taking you with me wherever I go because anyone reading this is fam! Enjoy the photos and be sure to hit up my Instagram as well!

Yes, let's cut to the chase. This is a listing of what "roasts" are available in one of Amsterdam's infamous coffee shops. You go in, they hand you...errr..visitors papers, and you...errr...visitors pick what they want. They have pre-rolled spliffs too and space cakes. People are in there chillin', playing cards, drinking tea and simply enjoying the finest weed legally.
Oh yeah! Jumped the gun. This is our AmaWaterways ship called the Amalyra. Five levels of chillin', eating, and sippin'! The staff was ridiculously hospitable and pampering. I loved it.
Crate diggin' at Record Mania.
An American beer bar? Well, sorta. But this is in Amsterdam! All hail Beer Temple!
My homey and resident of Amsterdam showed is a helluva time! These are buttons from her design firm. 
They get their biking on in Amsterdam! just watch where the hell you are going when crossing the street. They will eff you up!
Old Amsterdam makes some awesome cheese! These were my steez, sharp and free! At least the samples were.
I rode one of these trains. I gave Grolsch some love since my boy designs their bottles in Amsterdam too.
Folks spinnin' in the Heineken Experiences's basement.
This is a lil' refreshment in-between hitting the streets in Amsterdam. This brew is called Gauloise at 6.3% ABV. I wasn't mad at it.
Look for more city coverage soon, my homies. I come back to Amsterdam to hit up some more amazing spots, but for now, we are off to the ext one. And like I said, peep my Instagram too! No pics are repeated.
Cheers! Oh wait, Proost!


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