Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Hebru Brantley Mural is at Sound Table!

Here is the official flyer courtesy of Hebru, AllWays Open and Heineken...


Plain and simple, May 2nd is the date! Come celebrate the mural soon to adorn Old 4th Ward by the world renowned artist Hebru Brantley. He is flying in from Chicago to put in work on what I consider ATL's grandest canvas, the street side of the Sound Table on the corner of Boulevard and Edgewood. My company AllWays Open Creative produced Hebru's first show at Loews Hotel Atlanta (see the video here) and it was bananas! It's time to do it again.
Anyway, I welcome you to come by and shoot him in action starting Monday, April 27th and throughout the week. If you are using social media, let's prove how we can all support each other and use hastags #AllWaysHebruHeineken and #AllWaysOpen when possible. We will certainly "like" and support your posts. I got it started on my Instagram here (@realalesharpton).
By the way, there will also be an article in Creative Loafing about how my company, AllWays Open Creative (Me, Mike Moore, and Eric Nine) and Heineken got together with the super chill Sound Table and made this happen. 
Thanks again for your support. If you need anything, kindly email me at 


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