Monday, February 27, 2017

Check out SweetWater’s Warm Art event this weekend!

Art, music, and beer? Oh my!

Now you know I love hosting events that incorporate music, art and yes, beer! Well evidently, so does SweetWater! My homey and gangster brewer Chris Meadows along with his SweetWater squad are hosting a dope event this weekend. If many if you remember, we did an awesome event together to launch my creative agency called Beast Feast. It was amazing and we will surely collaborate again in the near future. But for now, this joint called Warm Art held in their new sour facility called The Woodlands next to the main brewery is popping this upcoming Sunday, March 5th. Here is the info below straight from the source.

The homey Chris Meadows is throwing down this Sunday. He knows how to party!
Do you enjoy art, music and beer? Then check this out!

Warm Art has been bridging the gap between music and art in Atlanta since 2002. To celebrate our history and friendships together, we've rented out SweetWater Brewing Company's newest facility, called The Woodlands. This new facility is not only a world-class event space, it's also home to SweetWater's new sour beer & barrel-aging projects.
As if the stunning backdrop of barrels, puncheons and foeders was not enough to look at; we are turning the facility into an art gallery for the evening. Prints and paintings of all sizes will be on display and for sale throughout the facility. Ten different artists will be in attendance, & Pieter van der Meer will be painting live during the event. Warm Art has quite the history with Pieter. We've played music during many events while he paints live, creating many pieces throughout the years. The injection of music, djs and a social environment add to our experience as artists. Our music can influence his art, and his art can influence our choice in music.
Join us on Sunday, March 5th for a very special event. Warm Art will set the mood with smoked beats, served chilled; SweetWater's Woodlands Project will provide the liquids.
The event is free to attend, however to enjoy the selection of craft drafts being served, a custom commemorative glass is available for $20 and includes your tickets for beers at the bar.
Commemorative glass is yours to keep as a souvenir.
* DJ's include Rob Dowell, Brett Soll, Christian Thomas, Justin Brady, Chris Meadows & Ryan Wofford
** the specific beer list will be published prior to the event and will be custom-tuned for this event by SweetWater's Lead Brewer Chris Meadows and The Woodlands Project's Manager Troy Montrone. Several one-of-a-kind kegs and pilot brews will be served in addition to the regular SW lineup. Funky beers, sour beers, barrel-aged-beers, pilot beers from "The Hatchery" and "Big Fish" from the year-round lineup.

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