Friday, April 7, 2017

We kicked it for National Beer Day on NBC’s Atlanta & Co.!

It was off the chain with Atlanta & Co. host
Cara Kneer, Jade Hall, and Nyssa Green!
This morning, it was Sublime Donuts, Hampton + Hudson, Atlanta & Co., your homey Ale, and a gang of beer!

Hey Y’all!
Even with the numerous plane cancellations and plane delays leaving Memphis last night, I still made it imperative to not miss this morning’s segment with the always fun talk show on NBC affiliate 11Alive which ushers in Atlanta’s weekdays with humor and news 11 am-1230 pm, Atlanta & Co.! In honor of celebrating National Beer Day (which I wrote about here), they invited me to come through and talk about this monumental day’s history, pour some beers, maybe pair it with something. Well hell, I said sure because I know a few breweries, plus I wanted to bring in a different theme regarding the vittles. Hence, I hit up the gangster donut spot called Sublime and one of my favorite hangouts, Hampton + Hudson (who I juuuuuuust featured on this blog here), and made it a dessert fest! Hampton has an awesome "Woopie Pie" made with house beer marshmallows, and Sublime is simply flawless with those doughy Os, so there you go!
Mouths were drooling, I had a blast pouring beer for host Cara Kneer, and overall loved every minute! The breweries I featured included Creature Comforts, Burial, Wicked Weed, Bells, 21st Amendment, Great Divide, Lindemans, and Catawba. So that I won’t spoil it, here is the segment. Shout out to producer Jade Hall for making it happen, regular personality Tom Sullivan, Nyssa Green, and the entire staff!

Happy National Beer Day homies!


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