Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Peep the new Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA can for 2018!

 This flagship IPA just got a facelift and I’m feeling it!

As crazy as my life is in the beer world, here is another fun coincidence. So I’m getting a Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA poured during an annual holiday luncheon for one of the publications I write for at the upscale Capital Grille and right when I take a sip, I get an announcement that the brewery changed the can’s art in my inbox! The chances? Pretty damn slim, but hey!
Anyway, here’s what the press release said direct from Athens, GA regarding the new look. I dig it. Shout out to artists Richard Biffle on the dopeness.
Look for the new artwork to start hitting shelves in early 2018.


 Terrapin says…
“Hopsecutioner, Terrapin’s most popular IPA, just got a packaging update. The updated can and bottle labels are a bit brighter and incorporates elements found in other Terrapin packaging, like the background rays.
“We wanted to bring Hopsecutioner into the same visual world as RecreationAle and Hi-5, without losing the look of the brand we’ve been building since 2010.” Says Julia Weckback, Marketing Director. “Our core IPAs are often on shelves together, and we wanted to ensure a cohesive brand image.”
Have no fear, the iconic Hopsecutioner turtle isn’t going anywhere. The turtle looks a bit more modern, but he’s still representing Terrapin’s “Killer IPA.” The beer in the can is still going to be the same: a piney and citrusy IPA with a strong malt backbone.

Terrapin’s flagship beer for over 7 years, Hopsecutioner continues to be a strong seller for the brand, growing almost 35 percent in 2017. Available throughout Terrapin’s distribution network, Hopsecutioner will soon be available in Michigan and Wisconsin."

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