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Automobile standouts from 2017!

By request, I am going to start sharing more pages and experiences on this blog from Lifestyle Publications auto column and Instagram! Here’s Part One of what I have driven in 2017. This Chevy Bolt EV above was an impressive hybrid!

Cheers Everyone!
So yes, as many of you know, I also review cars, hence my “Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’” slogan is complete! Of course, I know how to separate the two and responsibly feature both separately, so when we are not drinking, we need cars to get us around, right? Well, while my Ale Sharpton alter-ego takes a break, I love testing out automobiles, and do my best to let you and my millions of readers for Lifestyle Publishing’s Driver’s Notebook section know what’s hot on the road with a more down-to-earth, everyday life approach. I thank you and the automakers for asking me to share my experiences on this blog. That means a lot!
With 2017 coming to a close, I am going to start posting some of the sedans, coupes, trucks, vans and sports car standouts that I have reviewed throughout the year. To kick things off, I am going to start with General Motors since Chevrolet has an incredible deal right now where EVERYONE gets their gracious employee discount for a limited time. (Go here for details.)

2017 Chevy Bolt EV
I was blown away by the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV. This is especially true when GM lived up to the hype that was generated from this all-new hybrid; its super cool representatives boasted it could make it to Asheville, N.C. on one charge from Atlanta and challenged me to see for myself. And guess what? It did! And after plugging it in at a charging station at the Aloft Hotel, I explored one of the most amazing beer cities in the world. Here is my full review for one of the many Lifestyle Publications that featured it along with my Instagram post here. That's an interior shot which also aimed to please.
Base price: The LT Trim is $37,495; Premium is $41,780 with all options as reviewed.
Gas mileage: 255 city/217 highway/238 combined
Please go here for more information.

I got a chance to drop the top down on Buick’s 2017 Cascada coupe that was a joy to drive during the late summer in Atlanta. Its standouts included a top that was easy to collapse when hitting the road (and great for the threat of rain), a surprisingly roomy trunk for a convertible, and a lot of options for the starting price around $33K. (My 1SH Sport Touring edition was $37,990 fully equipped including 4G LTE Wi-Fi.) Its sleek body, 5-star safety score, roomy trunk, and availability in Sport Red with 200 horsepower made this car one of the most memorable for 2017. Folks used to say Buick is for only the elders. Their new line of four-wheelers including this Cascada has me begging to differ.
Base price: $33,065
Gas mileage: 20 city/27 highway
Please go here for more info.

SUVs are killing it in today’s auto industry because consumers value power, speed, great looks, high-tech options and expansive cargo while accommodating multiple folks. The 2017 Tahoe accomplishes all of these feats with stellar results. Up to nine passengers can travel in its luxurious cabin while the lucky conductor takes on the options of off-roading to maneuvering through busy city streets thanks to its four-wheel-drive maneuverability in numerous trims. Getting this in all black sitting on 18-inch, polished aluminum wheels had folks wondering if a high-powered politician was inside. (Check out the Z71 Midnight edition above.) This was fun to drive for sure, and my extended family and friends didn’t want to see it go. Neither did I.
Gas mileage: 16 city/22 highway
Please go here for more info.

2017 GMC Canyon
Want a solid four-door pickup with good looks, an ease to load, and the ability to haul a massive load for an amazing price? Look no further than the 2017 GMC Canyon.  Even with all of its capabilities powered by a 3.6L V6 engine, it still had a smooth ride, was easy to park, switched lanes effortlessly, and took on Atlanta’s busy roads while looking good doing it thanks to its attractive exterior. Coming in both a crew and extended cab, it’s your choice how much you want to utilize this for work or play starting under $21K!
Base price: $20,885
Gas mileage: 22 city/30 highway
Please go here for more info.

Look for more reviews soon!
(All photos courtesy of General Motors.)

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