Friday, September 28, 2018

Scofflaw denies latest controversy supposedly offering ‘free beer to Trump supporters’ in the U.K.

After a press release from an independent PR firm offering Trump supporters free beer in the U.K., Scofflaw says they were ‘idiotic’ to promote that.

More controversy arises in the craft beer scene, and I happen to live in the city where two major “WTF?!” moments have occurred this month; they both involved politics. While the Monday Night Brewing episode with Georgia Governor candidate Brian Kemp went down in mid-September which I addressed here, I get another wave of inquiries regarding Scofflaw Brewing supposedly supporting Donald Trump overseas in the U.K. Both breweries are based in Atlanta. The latter issue has garnered global attention.
After celebrating Scofflaw's second anniversary last weekend with them and having a lot of really good friends on their staff, I didn’t want to believe it. Even their equally brazen brewing partner BrewDog heard about it and immediately took action on social media, on their website, and their BrewDog beer bars the U.K., Brussels, and Berlin once initially receiving the Trump promotion via a press release from an independent PR firm hired to represent Scofflaw in the U.K. They eventually called what went down ‘fake news” but still utilized the platform to “support love, not hate” also with free beer via this Tweet.
Well to counter the allegations and troubling press release, co-founder and president Matt Shirah states the concept as “…absolute nonsense,” denies any knowledge of the initial release, and just sent out the press release below straight from their desks. Stay tuned for more on this. Again, as I stated in my aforementioned post on Monday Night, I really think it’s a bad idea for breweries to mess with politics. Shit like this happens. I trust things smooth over for Scofflaw. Especially with them denying anything to do with this. I believe them.
*As an update, this press release has been sent directly from the PR firm who originally sent out the tasteless release. 

For Immediate Release

Scofflaw Brewing Co. outraged at misrepresentation by an agency in the UK Georgia brand head butts the false social media post released without knowledge or consent on their behalf.

ATLANTA (September 28, 2018) – Scofflaw Brewing Co. is appalled by the inaccurate posts released yesterday morning by a UK agency that Scofflaw hired to promote its UK tour. Those posts were released without Scofflaw’s knowledge or approval. The agency issued a follow-up release asking the thousands of journalists to whom they sent the original, to disregard the information, saying: “You may have received an email with incorrect information regarding Scofflaw Brewery entering the UK market, encouraging Trump supporters to join them for a beer. PLEASE NOTE, THIS WAS INCORRECT INFORMATION AND IS NOT A MESSAGE FROM THE BRAND.
Please accept my huge apologies for the confusion and do not run the piece.” Scofflaw owner Matt Shirah directed his commentary accordingly, “This post is absolute nonsense. While we definitely have country roots, no one at Scofflaw Brewing or those associated with our brand, is now or has ever been, rooted in hate. We do not tolerate hate — that’s just idiotic.” “We welcome anyone who enjoys good beer. Scofflaw’s ascension in the States and our presence here in the UK is propagated in hard work and humble beginnings. This misinformation shared over social media today is simply wrong … we could care less about your political viewpoint, only that you like our beer.”

About Scofflaw Brewing – Co-founded by Matt Shirah and Brewmaster Travis Herman, Scofflaw Brewing opened in August of 2016 and has been named by BeerAdvocate, USA Today and Craft Beer & Brewing as one of the best new breweries in America.

Visit us at 1738 MacArthur Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 or follow on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter @ScofflawBrewing.


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