Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The hardest podcast I ever did.

Trust me, I remember them all, but the beginning of this podcast will be eternal.

This was one helluva way to kick off 2020.

Real talk. Right after 1 pm hit on Sunday, January 26th, my favorite sports figure ever­—Kobe Bryant—and his lovely daughter Gigi left this world alongside the other passengers of that helicopter. I was at The Beverly gastropub in Grant Park ready to be interviewed by the My Homeboy Podcast. While setting up, we all heard the news. I was crushed. We were all in shock. I had to excuse myself and keep the tears that were swelling up to myself.
After fielding the wave of calls from friends and family who knew how fond I was of Kobe, I had to put the phone down and take on the most difficult podcast I ever was interviewed in. The humor, interesting questions, knowledge we kicked around, and overall experience with the My Homeboy Podcast team helped me get through it. To eternalize the moment upon hearing the devastating news, the mics were on when the Beverly staff pointed to the televisions. I will never forget this.

The podcast titled "A Toast To Kobe "Bean" Bryant" went on because that’s what Kobe would’ve wanted everyone to do. Here is the link once again.

Thanks goes to the Beverly team and especially My Homeboy Podcast for pulling through this trying time with me. It will never be forgotten.

Rest eternally Kobe. Although where you are, I'm sure you're still working on something you want to perfect and teaching the Mamba Mentality.

Below is the official My Homeboy Podcast description:

RIP Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant. There is a short moment of silence in the beginning to honor their memory. Legends Live Forever. This episode was planned to be fun and lighthearted, however, we were informed the unfortunate news of Kobe Bryant passing right before our recording. We have to thank Ale Sharpton for kicking it with us on this suddenly somber occasion and some good people at The Beverly for informing us. 

Some of Ale’s current media outlets include, USA Today,, Upscale and Ebony to name a few. The Kobe Bryant news was developing during this episode’s recording, so please excuse any misinformation. This is the perfect episode for non-beer drinkers who are destined to become converted. We discuss Kobe’s legacy, Ale’s collaboration with New Belgium and creation of his Piano Keys Imperial Stout, beer festivals, the little-known origins of beer, and more. Tell us what your favorite beer is on Facebook and enjoy!


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