Tuesday, October 4, 2022

On The Reel: SMILE


Our fellow movie man L.K. Byron from Scriptly Business gives us the skinny on the new thriller SMILE!


RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 55 minutes


GENRE: Horror

Review by: L.K. Byron

You know what time it is! October is nearly here and those horror films hoping to capitalize on your box office bucks with chills, kills, and thrills are “falling,” into a theatre near you. SMILE, a twisted and mind tripping horror film, made its debut nationwide on Friday, September 30th.

Well casted, Sosie Bacon plays Dr. Rose Cotter, a mental therapist whose life abruptly loses any sense of normalcy after one of her patients commits an unspeakable act right in front of her eyes. Now, Dr. Cotter’s new reality is inundated with sleepless nights, mental instability, and mysteriously terrifying occurrences. Suddenly, she’s lost control of her life and friends and family are at a loss trying to come to terms with her reckless actions. Now, the major question remains: What’s fact and what’s fiction? This flick will have you guessing throughout.    

SMILE is definitely going to be one of the more creative standouts during this season of horrors.



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