Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ale Sharpton In The House!

What's up, brew heads?
It has been a minute but the wait is finally over! This website is going to feature all of my adventures in the world of beers and I want to take you with me so let's get sippin'! Here's what's on deck:

  • We'll pull up a stool next to some of the most prominent, important and talented individuals who make the greatest beverage on earth, beer, the best it can possibly be. I'm talking Brooklyn Brewery's brewmaster Garrett Oliver, Rí Rá Irish Pubs' co-founder David Kelley and gangster Unibroue label designer Asaf Mirza...
  • We'll get on planes, trains and automobiles and visit the coolest spots to indulge in the world's most complex ales, crisp lagers and everything in-between. I'm talking Atlanta (my hometown), San Fran, Jacksonville, New York, plus overseas locations in France, Germany, St, Lucia and Belgium of course!
  • I'll make sure that although brews are the main focus on this bad boy, I will also discuss anything else cool (and I am not talking temperature!). From spirits, to the hottest kicks, interviews with musicians, the illest rides, awesome travel destinations, name it!
  • There will be links to other articles I have written for Beer Connoisseur Magazine, Jet, J'adore Magzine,, etc.; interest-grabbers others have authored; websites, and tons of other sheezy. 
  • I love shooting, so look for a lot of flicks of whatever catches my wandering eye during my crazy adventures so be ready to get some shine in this site if I happen to catch you having a cold one with your homey!  I'm always strapped with the camera, so be ready!
  • And most important, I am dedicated to showing love to you, so if there is something you want me to cover, just give me a shout in the comment section or email (

To show you how serious I am to rep the Ale Sharpton name, I've got this website, these kick ass logos below designed by yours truly and my boy Vince ( and a lot more surprises on the way, so let's do this!

Thanks for the love!

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