Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ale Sharpton finds two of the world's strongest beers!

No, those aren’t Photoshopped alcohol percentages or prices on these brews. That’s the real deal!

Okay, check it:  As many of you know, I am a fan of “Imperial” brews—typically beers that are bolder in various characteristics and typically higher in alcohol potency ranging from 7 to 14 percent alcohol by volume (abv).  I regularly like to feel like royalty and sip brews that are taken to the extreme, so you’ll always find something in this range of potency in my fridge—especially stouts and India Pale Ales. What you won’t find in there yet due to my budgetary constraints are these two eye-poppers I spotted today at Green's on Ponce, a popular package store here in the ATL that boldly put this duo on the shelves: BrewDog Brewery’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismarck. At 32% abv and 41% respectively, I would call these tyrannical. They're the world's strongest! And no, these are no crappy, do it to do it brews solely for shock value. BrewDog’s rep is impeccable. Check it...
Two cats named Martin and James started BrewDog Brewery in Scotland because they were tired of ales and lagers in the U.K. having less muscle than Gumby going vegetarian, so they kicked in the door with some seriously bold, eccentric and downright potent brews that turned the world of beer on its ass. In fact, their Hardcore IPA (9.2%) I got from Hop City has received my hard-to-come-by  “Gangster” rating in terms of brewing quality; it’s the epitome of an Imperial IPA, so BrewDog knows what they’re doing.
Anyway, regarding the Tactical and Bismarck above, they're the world's strongest beers. Don’t you love the packaging and fastener at the top so no one will boost them or be slick and switch them out with some other brews? At that price, who knows, they might be totally worth it, so if you happen to score one or both of these (assuming they are still available), please holler at your main man Ale so that I can report how serious they are. Of course, to maintain my integrity in journalism, I would have to taste them J.

Below are the descriptions of the two directly from the BrewDog website. Get at me!

Tactical Nuclear Penguin:
“This is the world’s strongest ever beer, ever (yes ever).
“No Penguins were harmed in the making of this beer; some humans did get very, very cold though. It was worth it.
“The Antarctic name, inducing schizophrenia, of this Ÿber-imperial stout originates from the amount of time it spent exposed to extreme cold. This beer was initially double barrel aged for 14 months; maturing in the deep, rich oak of Scottish whisky casks. After this epic maturation the beer was then frozen, then frozen again, then frozen again.”

They even have a bugged out video for it. Peep it:

As for their claim, they need to update the “world’s strongest beer” claim with the Tactical because the Sink the Bismarck is 41 percent!

Sink the Bismarck:
“An unsettling development has arisen in mainland Europe which BrewDog have found impossible to ignore.
“Armed with their 40% ABV beer, German brewers have infiltrated our front lines, slipped under the defences and straight onto the radars of you – the noble beer drinkers of the Empire.
We ask of you to keep calm and carry on whilst saluting the valiant efforts of Tactical Nuclear Penguin whose fall has allowed the Germans to recapture the world record for the strongest beer.
“We are wheeling out the big guns this time. Sink the Bismarck is a quadruple IPA that contains four times the hops, four times the bitterness and frozen four times to create at a staggering 41% ABV.
“This is IPA amplified, the most evocative style of the craft beer resistance with the volume cranked off the scale. Kettle hopped, dry hopped then freeze hopped for a deep fruit, resinous and spicy aroma. A full out attack on your taste-buds ensues as the incredibly smooth liquid delivers  a crescendo of malt, sweet honey, hop oils and a torpedo of hop bitterness which lasts and lasts.”

Yep! They have a video as well:


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