Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cruisin' For A Brewsin': Operation Utah!

Utah, here I come!
You gotta love this Utah humor from the Wasatch Brewery!

Okay y'all, you almost packed? It's time to roll with your homey Ale as we go Cruisin' For A Brewsin' in Park City, Utah, where there are some breathtaking views; crisp, fresh air; good eatin'; nice people; and equally  important, great suds
Okay, before I fall asleep at this computer and forget to pack my own bag, I just wanted to say peace out to the ATL and all of the off-the-meter brew events that are going on while I'm gone (that always seems to happen), but I know it will be well worth it when I kick it on the west side (picture your favorite Cali rapper throwing the "W" up here)! 
I mean, hell, I had to come back after how much fun I had at the top of this year skiing, hanging out and getting my sip on in Winter Wonderland! Now, with the warm months finally taking rule, I have some awesome things lined up that only require shorts this time around, including visits to numerous pubs and breweries, piggin' out on some of the best cuisine the left coast has to offer; an outdoor concert; and some serious playtime! (Here is a more detailed write-up and highlights I posted on The cool thing is that you will be joining me as I share my experiences on this now, a-hem, award-nominated site (more on that later!). 
Anyway, the plane leaves in a few hours so get some rest and be ready for Utah! I plan on bringing a few goodies from Georgia so they know how we get down back home, so we'll see how they are received four flying hours away. Oh yeah, there is a stop in Denver, Colorado's airport on the way so I plan on seeing which pubs have set up shop in there. It should be a nice way to kill and hour by trying a new local ale in hand, right? 
Anyway, deuces and stay tuned!
Let's get Cruisin'!

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