Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Utah was simply awesome!

Who said there's no beer in Utah?
The Squatters Roadhouse Grill proves otherwise.
What's up fellow sippers???
Wasatch Brewery founder Greg Schirf
knows how to party!

I just got back from Park City, Utah and I had a freakin' blast! As I dry my tears and get back on the saddle here in the ATL, (I missed you guys so don't take the crying personal), I had to reflect and let you all know that this was one of the best trips I have ever taken, period. I'm talking worldwide. The memories started rolling from the first step off the plane in Salt Lake. It was that fun.
The air is fresh, the mountains were majestic, the food was delectable and the brew was pretty damn good! Yes, for those who've heard wrong, there is beer in Utah. Great beer.
As for company, my hosts were fantastic and catered to every one of my needs which were honestly quite simple: a damn good time lubricated by the suds and fueled by awesome grub. My homies Stephen, Joan, Amy, Bev, Craig, Linda and Andy answered those requests flawlessly, plus more!
Wasatch: I'm all about the trout!
On the food tip, I had lunch with Jennifer Talley, the sweet, inventive brewmaster (you heard me!) of Squattersand had one of the most memorable beer dinners with Wasatch owner Greg Schirf, who is one wild cat! Speaking of which, or better yet, Wasatch, I think Chef Mike Jewell out of San Francisco kicked major ass with the pots and pans; everything he served was freakin' perfect. No one better dare call anything he dishes out pub food! (I am still having flashbacks of Jewell's Pan Seared Idaho Trout in hazelnut-caper brown butter sauce. Whoa!) Don't get me wrong, the Canyons Resort's burger was pretty damn serious too, as well as a some other dishes that had me trippin', but plate by plate? Jewell shined the most (yep, intended pun)!
Squatters Brewmaster Jennifer T. is
hella cool and passionate about the suds!
Besides the orgasms my taste buds experienced, my other senses certainly got some lovin' as well: I breathed in the cleanest air (thin and all) free of the concentrated pollution big cities work up daily; saw the stars both on stage at Deer Valley Resort (Parachute, Michelle Branch and the Goo Goo Dolls did their thing!) and in the clear night sky while sippin' a variety of Utah's finest cold ones; felt the gust of wind going down Park City Resort's Alpine Slide and Coaster; and heard some of the most amusing stories about Park City's history from locals and implants who looooove their home; and felt revitalized from biking (Thanks, White Pine Touring!), hiking and running through natural trails lined with sculptures, fellow workout buffs and picturesque environs. Besides that, I shot the breeze at one of my favorite bars, No Name Saloon, ziplined in Olympic Park, went shopping at the family friendly Park Silly on Main Street during Sunday afternoon, and ran into 7'-4" Utah Jazz legend Mark Eaton at Red Rock Brewing Company (thanks for the exclusive 750s, Red Rock!!!).
A whiskey flight of trouble. Good trouble!
Beer was at the top of the list of course, but I sipped a lil' whiskey too, courtesy of the folks at High West Distillery. Oh! And their High West Grillswith dessert, a grilled cinnamon dusted Krispy Kreme donut served with homemade whiskey vanilla ice cream in the middle, was absolutely nuts!
There will certainly be more coverage of Park City for other folks including J'Adore and Beer Connoisseur, so stay tuned.
The bottom line is: Don't sleep on Park City, Utah. It's bucket list worthy. I will be back.

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