Friday, April 6, 2012

Cool photos thanks to beer! Part One

Baconfest and Oytserfest hoppin' last weekend... 
Last weekend's Baconfest in Atlanta's Inman Park was pretty crazy. This was a smooch booth and they happily gave me a demonstration. I love the Saran Wrap. Can't be too careful. Ha! This was one of my favorite photos.
So I'm clearing my camera's memory card preparing for an upcoming trip to Thailand (I can't friggin' wait!) and it is official: I love Atlanta. While cruisin' for a brewsin' for the past few weeks, I became even more fond of the metropolis. Simply put, the ATL is a cool, hip, diverse and always happening city, and living here is the shiznit! When I travel and explore this wonderful world of ours to report on the most awesome spots to sip the best beverage known to man (and woman), I still feel blessed to return to one of the greatest cities in the world. 
There are of course more pictures to come, including some other hot ones from Charleston, Salt Lake City and of course, Japan and Thailand, but I wanted to give Georgia's capital their own post this time around! (Sorry I had to stamp 'em, but hey. It is what it is.) If you are ever in town, hollar at me via email or Twitter and I will let you know what's poppin' in The A. Enjoy the flicks!

So I'm walking into the Baconfest and a cool cat walked up to me, grabbed my arm and said, "Yo, ale, try the bacon beer!" It turned out that it was created by a homebrewing crew called Final Gravity who made their rendition of a Bacon Beer. It was actually pretty damn good! The cured bacon strip was tasty but more of a garnish; the actual brew was like a brown ale with a notes of maple syrup. Nice! It actually reminded me of one of my favorites: Dare I say Wild Heaven's  Ode To Mercy
This was the man who poured it for me reppin' Final Gravity, "Respectable Dan." Whaddup! Hit him up. His Twitter handle is @urbangrowler. 

The host of the Baconfest: Bacon!  Can you believe even actor Kevin Bacon was there? Pretty pimp.
A bacon groupie!

And for my last stop at Baconfest, I had to bounce to the Oysterfest at the Park Tavern, but not after eating a Guinness Pretzel Popcicle from Pop Kings and it was hella good. This was the before shot (above)...

And after (well, one bite before...) and it was awesome!

After Baconfest, I headed over to get some steamed up, spicy crayfish at the 8th Annual Oysterfest at Park Tavern. It was PACKED! I couldn't even get in line because I was heading to another event, but on the way out, I happened to see them cooking up another batch. It was perfect timing. I even scored a sample and those little suckers were delicious! I did get a chance to drink an IPA brewed on site, though! It was big in the Centennial hops department,  around 6.5 percent ABV, and pretty damn refreshing.
Last but not least,  I stepped out onto a purple-powdered sidewalk courtesy of the annual Color Run that embellished Monroe and good part of Midtown. It was pretty trippy seeing all of that hue of royalty lacing the streets. I was glad it didn't mess up my new kicks, though. Whew! 

Anyway, look for more photos soon and in the meantime, keep on sippin' wherever you are! 
Oh, and I was nominated for Drink Blog of the Year by the hot Saveur Magazine. Go here and please vote for a bro! It's an honor to be nominated! I couldn't have done it with ya!


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