Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Operation: Thailand!

Jet Lager
Asahi with lunch...and dinner...and snacks...and...

Yep! Your homey Ale is in Thailand! Crazy, right? Anyway, I just got to my hotel in Bangkok (the Four Seasons for shout out purposes) and wanted to update my blog before getting two hours of sleep. According to Atlanta time, I am exactly 11 hours behind them, so in other words, I am posting this at 6:45 a.m. in the morning when I would actually be sipping a brew at a beer bar during happy hour back home. 
Anyway, I went old school writing this blog  as you can see in this flick to the left.  Since the battery in my laptop sucks, technology tends to ironically bring you back to the basics sometimes. I wrote this during one of the 22 hours flying from the ATL to Tokyo and then, ultimately, Bangkok. 

The other 21 hours were well spent also, thanks to:

The sights.

This is over Juneau, Alaska. Need I say more?

Asahi Super Dry.
  • It's all you can drink on both flights but, of course, the beer selection was severely limited. Regardless, I did score with the Japanese rice lager, Asahi, which I sipped constantly to keep with the trip's theme. It was on the sweet side, light-bodied, biscuity, and slightly bitter in it's famed dry finish; it did the job at 5 percent ABV.  Plus, something about that can made me envision a Japanese knight in shining armor jousting those other bullshit beers off of the menu. I really will be missing my ales, though, since they are pretty non-existent over here in Thailand. I do have some surprises in store though. You can't stop Ale from having an ale!


  • Radiohead's latest album, The King of Limbs, won me over when I saw them perform every track on this awesome television special: The King Of Limbs From  The Basement (Palladia Broadcast). Once noticing it as one of the album selections on Delta's entertainment system, I said "Hell yeah!" and rocked it about eight times in its entirety. It's great chill music. 

Fanny Wang Headphones

  • These headphones are straight bangers. I didn't even have to turn up the two higher bass-booster options. They rock no matter the setting and the genuine leather noise cancellation ear covers did wonders; there was a damn screaming two year-old who cried constantly on both my flights! 
  • Sitcoms. I saw a couple of movies including Immortals but the sitcoms Delta had were pretty decent. Of course, Family Guy was a no-brainer, but Parks and Recreation actually had me laugh a few times too. Then again, anything even remotely similar to The Office has a good chance of being watchable. 
  • Sleep. No Internet. No cell phone. No problem. I actually closed my eyelids uninterrupted... unless it was a smiling flight attendant bringing me another Asahi or some grub!
In the end, all 22 hours were actually peaceful, relaxing, and hey, I got a chance to use a pen and notebook again. It was just like old times. 
    La gon! 


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