Friday, October 19, 2012

Atlanta Beer Week is Here!

From October 20-27, it's on and poppin' in the ATL!

Although I am recovering from my creative firm AllWays Open's ridiculously awesome Beast Feast at SweetWater Brewery (thank you everyone!), it is still my duty to report what's poppin' in the world of craft beer especially in Georgia's capital. For the next week or so, this city is going to be hosting some of the most incredible, can't-miss beer tap pulling events the city has ever seen. 
If you happen to be in the A, be sure to patronize our local bars, breweries and restaurants that are set to demonstrate how much they give a sh*t about the craft beer movement. Below is the intro I wrote for the Atlanta Beer Week website along with all of the participants for the 8 days of debauchery. 
Although I have to do some traveling to San Fran and Montreal between Sunday and next Friday morning, I am throwing down for the Brewer's Ball, Square Pub's Brunch, Decatur Beer Festival, and Cypress Street Pint & Plate's jam with Clown Shoes Brewery on Friday, the 26th. (Stay tuned for Cypress' details!)
Anyway, sip some for me in Atlanta while I do the same on the Left Coast and the home of the Canadiens!
My intro:


It's official. Atlanta, GA. has become a top catalyst in the brewing revolution and has garnered the acclaim from aficionados, entrepreneurs and breweries throughout the nation as the beer capital of the Southeast. Servings as the home of the #23 brewery in the nation regarding sheer volume -SweetWater- along with a number of other burgeoning craft breweries originating in Georgia's capital and throughout the state including Athens' Terrapin, Burnt Hickory, Red Hare, Monday Night Brewing, Jailhouse, and the soon-to-be Decatur-based Wild Heaven, it's only right that this city of six million-plus deserves to host Atlanta Beer Week 2012, October 20-27!

Considering the consistent "gold rush" of new breweries from around the country penetrating the state lines such as North Carolina's Mother Earth, Clown Shoes out of Massachusetts, and California's Green Flash within the past few months to name a few, eight days dedicated to ales and lagers is a no-brainer; the city's world renowned beer bars like The Porter, Taco Mac and Cypress Street; dedicated craft brew specialty shops; hundreds of local, national and foreign microbreweries; and other supporters of the craft beer movement will collectively educate, promote, and celebrate the best beverage in the world. Stay tuned for a list of parties, special deals, giveaways, exclusive beer releases, and tap takeovers starting October 20th throughout the city. Atlanta Beer Week will prove how the South was won one sip at a time.

Here are all of the events!
For more information, visit!


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