Saturday, October 13, 2012

Operation: Tucson, Arizona

Toasting off the Ska Modus Hoperandi at Tucson's Noble Hops.
I missed GABF, but I still did my thing in "The Old Pueblo"

Whaddup Fellow Sippers!

Yeah, I know I kept my "Birthday Wishes" post up for a good minute, but with all the travel, preparation for my upcoming Beast Feast at SweetWater Brewery on Thursday, writing the cover story for a major publication, and celebrating my birthday all week, I gotta do what I gotta do! Anyway, after throwing one hell of a born day jam at the Wrecking Bar...
Beer Street Journal Founder Reid Ramsey and I got it in during my awesome b-day party at the Wrecking Bar. He brought me the Fifty Fifty 2011 Eclipse Imperial Stout brewed with honey which was bananas!
...and eating this awesome cake brought by my girl Andrea Janise...

I had to pack and head to Tuscon, Arizona to review the new line of luxurious Lexus LS sedans that are coming out next year for J'Adore Magazine. On the way to the airport, I coincidentally ran into the owners of the Wrecking Bar and a couple of other beer homies who were on the way to Denver to kick it at the Great American Beer Festival. After wishing each other safe trips, I can't lie, I had the "I wanna play" face on, but hey, I have never been to Tucson and I make it a party wherever I hang my hat, so it was all good. Plus, my peoples have been giving me shout outs at the GABF via Twitter including Pisgah (@pisgahbrewing), @beerstjournal, @JBvsCBshow, @wreckingbar, and @Brewgasm were really cool and I appreciated them! I will definitely be there next year so be ready! 

After I was done being responsible and driving the hella smooth 600 HL and powerful LS 460 F Sport...
Look out for Lexus in 2013, trust me!
I got a ride to the closest legit brew bar from my hotel, the Ritz Carlton (which was gorgeous), and kicked back for a pint of the absolutely gangster Ska Modus Hoperandi at Noble Hops (see top photo). This bar flaunted one hell of a view of the mountains, had a wide selection of IPAs, stouts, wheat brews, and other delicious sippers artistically listed on a chalk board. 
The wall at Noble Hops was my kind of menu!
On the real, Manager Nicole and Chef Angel showed me a lot of love, and even the customers did everything they could to have me stay for another round, but I had to get back for the company dinner. Trust me, I will be back! If you are ever in Tuscon, hit up Noble Hops. It was majestic!
Noble Hops' Chef Angel and Manager Nicole show Ale love!

I wish all of my homies at the GABF a safe trip and hope to get out there soon so that I can Tweet all the good sheezy going down during that infamous weekend. I know it's alladat, but hey, driving Lexus whips and sipping local brews like the perfectly balanced Barrio Copperhead Pale Ale in Tucson on my time off wasn't too shabby either. 
The Barrio Copperhead Pale Ale was slammin'!



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