Monday, July 15, 2013

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp gets gangster with 12 microbreweries!

Allagash, Cigar City, Three Floyds and 9 others set to collab with Sierra on a variety Beer Camp 12-pack!

Hey Craft Beer Lovers!
One of the best breweries in the world, Sierra Nevada, is taking their revered Beer Camp to a ridiculously higher level by inviting 12 breweries to make their individual version of a collaboration with Sierra. In other words, “one partner brewery per beer.” 
I was blessed enough to experience being a part of their awesome Camp—two days of brewing with a group of other beer advocates and Sierra Nevada at their state-of-the-art brewery in Chico, California—and I will never forget it. I made #88, the El Pluorado golden ale infused with pluots, with 11 other homies throughout the nation and posted my experiences here and here. Well now, Sierra is inviting 12 amazing microbreweries (one being the local Asheville brewing community) to bring their expertise and christen the new brewery in Mills River, North Carolina in order to create perhaps the most gangster variety 12-pack in history! Look at this list:

Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada’s founder, says, “Craft brewers are a close bunch, and we’ve all helped each other get to this point. This is a fun way to showcase even just a fraction of the talent that’s out there, and somehow 12 beers doesn’t feel like enough. If this weren’t already a logistical mammoth, we’d brew with even more of our great peers.”
I can’t wait for its release during the summer of 2014! And again, I commend how our prized breweries are working together to keep smiles on the faces of us craft beer lovers! Can you dig it?! What an ingenious idea! Stay tuned for more info on this incredible project. I can't wait to see what cats like Three Floyds, Ballast Point, Cigar City, Oskar Blues, Russian River, Bell's, Victory... hell, all of 'em do! Which collaboration can't you wait for?
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