Friday, August 9, 2013

Two new ATL brews you MUST try!

The new Dank Tank Belgian-Style  "Price Is Wrong" Strong Ale at 79 IBUs and 9% ABV being poured during its debut yesterday directly from SweetWater Brewery. They killed it with this one!
The SweetWater Dank Tank and Red Brick 20th Anniversary are rockin'!

Whaddup fellow Craft Beer Sippers!

Sorry for the delay, but I have been running crazy finishing hella articles and planning my AllWays Open Creative Agency's Latin ConTEMPOrary Art, Food and Spirits Show at Loews Atlanta Hotel on Friday, August 23rd. (Okay, there is fantasy football, concerts, Breaking Bad coming up, and photo shoots as well, but you get my drift.) 
So bust it, I'm on Instagram finally after my last phone conked out, so I bought one that actually shoots the way I want 'em to look. My address is @realalesharpton so holla! (Some woman in South America also has my name pronounced "Allie" I think. Crazy right?) 
Anyway, in the spirit of Instagram, here is a post of beer pictures promoting a tandem of Atlanta brews you have to get! They are both phenomenal and altogether make me even prouder of the Atlanta beer scene: Scoop up the SweetWater Dank Tank "The Price Is Wrong" Belgian-Style Strong Ale 22-ouncer and Red Brick 20th Anniversary Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout four-pack (Congrats for being here two decades!). 
Plain and simple, they are damn good! I could post the press releases and my comments, but it's all about the photos this time. (Click on the links for all the deets.) And now, for more pictures:

and the Red Brick...

My boy Jason holding up the gangster, Ale Sharpton style (above). And below, him pouring it, Red Brick style!

Plain and simple, get 'em both! I will holla at you next week. Have a safe and fun ball this weekend! 



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