Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March Madness, Ale Style!

Kickin' it at the Secret Stash Bash on March 7th with the homies! From left to right, Gary aka G-Unit (IG, @craftybrewer3000), Willie The Kid (@TheWillieTheKid), Lee aka L-Boogie (@TheThirstyGiant), Kenny Anderson (@Chibbs_1) and Tyler aka T-Diddy (@GreenFlashTyler) all got their sip on!
(Photo by my bro Lamont)
This month continues to be nuts regarding beer!

Cheers Y’all!

I think March Madness will have a totally new meaning in my life after all the events and happenings I have taken on so far along with what’s on deck. 
My Girl Scout Joint! 
Photo by @AtlFoodWriter
From hosting my Girl Scout Cookie Beer Pairing with Hop City and Scout Mob, to making two satellite radio appearances on ABL’s Day 1 Radio at 52:30 (hear it here) and BeerPopShow Podcast; my awesome beer dinner with Food 101; schooling basketball legend Kenny Anderson on beer during the Secret Stash Bash; four article deadlines; contributing to EBONY Magazine writing about ales; and hosting the Blood, Sweat and Beer documentary during the Atlanta Film Festival last Sunday (which was EXCELLENT), I trust you see what I mean! Oh, and I still did my March Madness brackets although they suck this year.
Speaking of the Blood, Sweat and Beer film, I had a blast showing some southern hospitality to the directors, editors, funders, and filmmakers—Alexis and Chip—leading up to their Georgia debut last Sunday at the historic Plaza Theatre in the Highlands. 
Alexis and Chip killed it!
(Photo by Lamont Byron)
After introducing the viewing, I had the pleasure of seeing this film with about 200 others and can honestly say that I was BLOWN AWAY! It was not only a humorous, informative, and entertaining approach to what it takes to start a brewery, but it honestly pulled at the heart strings while making us thirsty at the same time! I started the Q&A afterwards by simply asking the audience, “Who would have thought beer could bring you through so many emotions?” This one hits home.
I strongly suggest you see this film by going to the official Blood, Sweat, and Beer website here to find out how to get it or get a viewing schedule. Even if you don’t like beer (which is almost blasphemous to even suggest), everyone will enjoy this production, I promise!
Stay tuned for my listing of events coming up in the very near future. I need to take a breather! (Yeah, right. Like that’s gonna happen.)

Much Sippin’ Love!


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