Saturday, March 21, 2015

An Interview with Blood, Sweat and Beer filmmakers!

Plus a major update on the afterparty 's new venue following the viewing!

Okay, with only a few hours left before the Atlanta Film Fest, Taste Of Atlanta, and yours truly premiere the documentary Blood, Sweat and Beer this Sunday, March 22, at noon (see all the details here), I have two new MAJOR updates:
  • After the screening of the Blood, Sweat and Beer documentary at the historic Plaza Theatre, the afterparty will now be hosted a block away at the Highland Inn Ballroom from 1:30 to 4 pm. in order to make the venue closer and get rid of the need for transportation. This is because we don’t want the threat of rain to hate on our steez and, of course, we've got your back!
  • I had the chance to link up with Alexis and Chip—the dynamic directors and filming crew of the Blood, Sweat, and Beer documentary— here in Atlanta last night, and hooked up an interview to give everyone a more detailed inside scoop of the film. They just arrived from Maryland, so we didn’t waste any time grabbing a cold one (or three) and talk about the happenings during the production of this awesome project. Here is Alexis and Chip breaking down some of my questions:

Ale: What influenced you to do this project?
Alexis: Chip and I both love craft beer! We travel a lot—especially during the screening our first documentary The Dream Share Project ( at colleges across the U.S.—and our favorite thing to do after an event is find local breweries or fun beer bars to check out. We noticed such fast and exciting growth in the craft beer world, we thought there had to be some good stories out there in the industry.

I can dig that! What was the most difficult hurdle in making this film?
Alexis: This production was created and self-funded by Chip and I! We did everything from set up interviews, to travel, to film, to edit, to pick out was all us, which seems a little crazy in retrospect. Last November, we were lucky enough to have a bunch of wonderful people donate to a Kickstarter we did, which helped raise the funds we needed for finishing the movie off including sound mixing, color correction, etc.

Wow, you really were grinding to make this a reality. What did you learn the most regarding the brewing industry?
The brewing industry is a very collaborative one; people love to work together to make good brews and support one another. That kind of camaraderie isn't something you necessarily see in other industries.

Amen to that. What was your most memorable experience during the filming?
Alexis: One of my favorite experiences was being at the DC Homebrewers Club, filming their meeting at Bluejacket, when all of a sudden the homebrewers started freaking out! Charlie Papazian (Association of Brewers and GABF Founder) had wandered into Bluejacket and their meeting! We had literally just emailed him that day to set up an interview in Colorado in the next two weeks, and when we introduced ourselves he was like "It's you guys! You just emailed me!" That was pretty weird, yet awesome at the same time.

That is crazy! What was your favorite beer (both of you) during the making of the movie?
Alexis: Tough question! I can't pick a fave, but there was some awesome stuff I drank, including Cigar City Cafe Con Leche, Firestone-Walker Velvet Merlin, all of the insane sours I tried at Cascade Brewing in Portland, Oregon, Eagle Rock Revolution extra pale ale, Green Bench's Saison De Banc Vert, Backshore Brewing S’mores Stout, the Brew Gent's Chai Wheat...too many to name!
Chip: I also loved the Cigar City Jai Ali, Dogfish 90-minute (my go-to beer), Mountain Sun Girl Scout Cookie Stout, everything at Hair of the Dog in Portland, Oregon, all the Bruery bottles we were lucky enough to score, Backshore Brewing Fist Pumpkin Ale, Brew Gent's Imperial Red…like Alexis said, too many! A lot were actually consumed during the editing too.

Now those are some crazy brews. Wowzaz! So what's next for you?
Alexis: Our next project is ongoing! We are planning a 25-plus city screening tour to bring Blood, Sweat, and Beer across the U.S.! 

Here is how we can follow this necessary documentary across the country. Follow…
Twitter: @bloodsweatbrew
Instagram: @bloodsweatbeermovie


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