Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's the "hops" for Thursday? Alon's! Check this out:

Alon's had me at "stein"!
Alon's Bakery is the move for Thursday!

Besides the NBA season starting, I was wondering what to do on Thursday and voilà! This Alon's Bakery and Market event has Ale written all over it. I went to Alon's once and was blown away by how simply awesome this spot was across from the Perimeter Mall. It brought me back to the gourmet one-stop European-style shops in New York where people eat on premises, go grocery shopping or just chill out after a hard day's work. Everything is made on site including mouthwatering desserts, bread baked by the hour, artisan cheeses, numerous entrées and even a bar with taps! Hopefully I will see you there. It should be nuts!


It's three taverns' 10th Anniversary!

  Whaddup?! What I consider one of the best beer companies in the Southeast, Three Taverns , is celebrating a decade of brewing excellence...

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