Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's National Beer Day! Here's why...

It's A Celebration!

Hey man, things have been crazy over the last week or so, but hey, I can't complain because it is, after all, National Beer Day!!!

The "D" stands for Dap!
Now some ask what the hell that is, but come on, do you need a reason??? While National Beer Day is every day for me, the U.S. has made it an official one on April 7, thanks to something called the Cullen-Harrison Act and the signature of the President of the United States in 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt. See, to put an end to that damned-to-all-hell Volstead Act (coupled with the 18th Amendment) that prohibited the sale of alcohol starting on January 17,1920, Senator Pat Harrison and Thomas Cullen fought the power, scripted the aptly titled Cullen-Harrison Act to make alcohol consumption legal again, got the Congress to give it a thumbs-up on March 21, 1933, and only needed President Roosevelt's autograph to seal the deal. Well, the next day, the Prez's middle initial immediately stood for "Dap" (the knocking of fists and handshakes) because he got a lot of it when he signed off on the bill. Okay, so the beer's potency level was set at only 3.2% (by weight) which makes it about 4.0% by volume (yuck!) at the time, but things have obviously gotten a lot more potent since then (except for the drafts in Utah!). Anyway, from April 7th of 1933, the day when the law went into effect, this date in the States became the shiznit!
The Fight The Power Baby!
So celebrate today, hit up a pub with an awesome selection, give some dap to anyone who has love for the suds, and enjoy one of the most significant law changes in history. I know I am! Atlanta is absolutely gorgeous right now so I have to take advantage of it. Brewhouse Cafe, I'm on my way!

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