Monday, May 23, 2011

Check this Wild Heaven party photo out!

How kick ass is this photo?!!!

Hey, I know the off-the-chain Wild Heaven Craft Brews launch party for their bottles was two Mondays ago here in the ATL, but when the ridiculously talented photographer named Chris Rank recently sent me this gem, I told him that I had to show love and post it! These are my boys: Keven Digital (yes, two "e's"), a no-joke video producer who did my "Ale's Does Shots" episode on the fly here; and Mike Jordan, the Grand Puba of Atlanta's chapter of here. Obviously, Rank is one bad dude! Go here for more of his photo mastery.
Thanks again, Chris!


  1. thanks for the brotherly love!!! great blog!

  2. I hope i'll have a photo of the Brasseur du Temps in the next day's ! I wish you'll put a photo of us together in your review of the Festibière de Gatineau ?!? If you don't have photo's let me know on the site i'm the draft guy !!