Friday, October 28, 2011

Here’s what’s poppin’ on Halloween Weekend!

Yep, that's me! Crazy right? Check out
for more scary shizzznit!

Boos and Brews at SweetWater, Mike’s party @ The Porter, P'Cheen, Big Boi’s bash…

With so many things going on tonight and throughout the weekend thanks to Halloween, you know there has to be something beer-related, right? Well, the constant party throwers, Atlanta Beer Festivals, are collaborating with my homies over at SweetWater to host the annual Boos and Brews bash at their brewery tonight from 9pm-1am! 
For 35 bucks, you get a souvenir pint glass to fill with awesome SweetWater brews, plus a costume contest and live music with Nelson Brownstone. The costume contest will be at 11:30pm on the patio stage (make sure to sign up in front of the stage at 11:15pm). Awards will be given for Best Male, Best Female, Best Couple/Duo, Best Group, and Sexiest.

For more info, hot up their Facebook event link:
Tickets: http:

I will try and make Boos, but I have to kick it and celebrate the last days of my birthmonth with fellow Octobreran and ridiculously awesome photographer, Studio 8’s Mike Moore, at The Porter tonight with the fellas. 
The homey Mike Moore!
Last year, we collaborated on the incredible I’m A Beast art exhibition, where I wrote up all of these crazy descriptions for artists, influencers, promoters, musicians and others who were morphed into beasts via Mike’s photography and my main man Eric Nine’s incredible digital artistry. That is me up top—a mummy masterpiece we called “Wrap City”—which came out incredible. If you missed the show at The Sound Table the Saturday before last Halloween, you have to see all 13 Beasts at There’s no telling what we will get into after that!
Oh, and on Saturday, there are two other parties I will be stopping by. First, there’s P’Cheen’s bash. I love eating and getting my sip on at this Inman Park hangout, and they plan on hosting their annual Halloween party, filling bellies with a complimentary buffet, specialty cocktails a decent beer selection, duh, a costume party. P’Cheen is also hosting a special Halloween- themed BBQ night with BBQ master Mike LaSage on the grill on October 31st.
Also, half of Atlanta’s Outkast—Big Boi—is having his annual Halloween Charity Costume Party at the legendary Stankonia Studios tomorrow night as well. I might have to hit that up because last year’s joint was off the meter. This exclusive event benefits his Big Kidz Foundation.
So hopefully I will see you somewhere in this crazy city sooner than later. Until then, have a safe Halloween and make sure you sip one of those awesome fall brews that are on the shelves and on tap!
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I’m hosting the MillerCoors 2nd Annual T.A.P. Awards!

With beer as the theme, this should be super cool!

For the second year, MillerCoors is hosting their 2nd Annual T.A.P. Awards and they have your homey Ale Sharpton co-hosting it with V-103 Radio Personality Ramona Debreaux tonight! T.A.P. is a clever acronym for "Taste+ Appreciation+ Prestige" created by the slick public relations firm, Garner PR. For the second year, MillerCoors is honoring the top tier account holders for MillerCoors products, Atlanta’s major tastemakers, chefs, sports bars, crafty mixologists, bartenders, and other influencers for making this great city off the charts regarding anything involving entertainment and, of course, drinking beer!
MillerCoors are also giving kudos to the Atlanta Urban League Young Professionals for their year-round efforts to improve the community and support move makers in Georgia’s capital. It’s an invitation-only affair that kicks off tonight from 8:00pm -10:30pm.

I will be probably sipping on a nice glass of Blue Moon when announcing award recipients, but there will be others on deck including the Italian lager, Peroni; Coors Light, which I truly do believe tastes the coldest compared to any beer I have ever had for some reason; the triple-hop boasting Miller Lite; and Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss, which I compare to Fruity Pebbles and recommend to anyone who swears beer is only bitter. Here are some of the cool things they have planned in their “Every Day of the Week” format that was sent to me:

S/M - Experience the Miller Light "Fan Up" Lounge. Try your hand at the Miller Lite home drafts, watch the 2011 Falcon's Highlights, and compete to win prizes if you consider yourself the ultimate Falcons Fan

T- Continue your week by stopping in Blue Moon "Date Night" Suite. Get in the "mix' with your partner or your friends and concoct the ultimate Blue Moon signature beer cocktails with our chief mixologist guiding you along the way

W- As the week reaches its halfway point, guys grab your buddies and head over to our Coors Light "Super Cold" Ice Lounge. After a long day’s work, loosen up your tie and experience a nice cold one. Let Coposhi's men's boutique and menswear architect Brian Short show you how to go from Cold to Super Cold with your style while you "chill" out ...grown man style

TH - With the weekend on the horizon, let Chef Jason Ellis and the Social Cravings team show you how to host the ultimate Dinner Party in the Peroni Interactive Kitchen. Uniquely incorporating MillerCoors products into your favorite recipes, leave this event knowing how to make your entertaining experience the talk of all of your friends.

F - Cheers to the Weekend, ladies grab your girls and head over to the Berry Weiss Beauty Suite. Experience the sweeter side of beer, partake in beauty services provided by GlamBar Salon, and indulge in girl talk (no boys allowed).

S - End you week at the MillerCoors center stage. Toast the 2011 T.A.P. Award Recipients, applaud this year's beneficiary—the Atlanta Urban League of Young Professionals, capture the moment in time by stepping into the OMG booth for your custom photo and more.

Oh, and just for you, my loyal readers, here are the winners who will be getting some hardware tonight:

1. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Platinum Seller of the Year- AG Entertainment
2. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Sports Bar of the Year - Dugan's
3. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Restaurant/Lounge of the Year - Do Restaurant
4. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Co-Promoter of the Year - Botchey & Certified Ent
5. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Co-Promoter of the Year - Traxx Girls
6. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - For Raising the Bar - The Four Corner Circle, LLC
7. MillerCoors T.A.P Award - Premium Infuencer of the Year - Terri J. Vaughn (actress)
8. MillerCoors T.A.P. Award - Sound of the City - Verse Simmonds (Konvict/ Universal)
9. MillerCoors T.A.P. Award - Business Visionary of the Year - Chef Jason Ellis

Overall, it is truly an honor to do this. No matter how many folks will be there, I have to be cool and stay on my mission to spread beer love from city to city, state to state, country to country, continent to continent, and soon—thanks to Virgin Airlines—planet to planet!
See you at the top, baby!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Beer Week was nuts, I win at Max Lager's, now what?

The 'Excuse My English' IPA I christened 
for Max Lager's. Lovin' it!
On the real, I needed a full week to recuperate from these last two weeks. It has been totally bananas! Crazy! Straightjackets! Starting with Atlanta Beer Week which started on my b-day, I have been going hard and loving every minute of it. We’re talking…

  • this video I did leading previewing Atlanta Beer Week that included The Porter, TAP and Deckard’s
  • a visit to the Wrecking Bar to taste the phenomenal cask version of the Victor IPA plus a private tour by brewmaster Chris Terenzi
  • celebrating my birthday in grand fashion at Great Atlanta Beer Week, saluting the crowd with Beer Street Journal Founder Reid Ramsey aka @ATLBeerMaster and all of my homies who came into town from all over the nation
  • being surprised with a gang of friends and a killer cake embellished with my logo on it (see below) during my birthday party at Deckard's thanks to Tastemaker Magazine Lifestyle Editor Andrea Janise aka @ATLFoodWriter (love you, Andrea!)
  • some awesome brew at The Fred after watching my fantasy team called Pimp Slap get another win at Taco Mac’s Prado location in Sandy Springs
  • hitting up the off-the-chain Decatur Beer Fest, then taking a break and feasting off Brick Store's cornish hen while sipping a New Holland Mole Ocho which was incredible.
  • I finished a killer article for JEZEBEL Magazine that will certainly show some love for the A-Town regarding brew!
  • Chilled out with my grandmother and aunt who flew down to see my mother. Truthfully, Ma Dukes has been better since their visit and granny hasn’t changed a bit: sippin’ vodka and orange juice while talking that Jamaican patois. Love it! 
  • And then to top it off, I won Max Lager’s naming contest of their English IPA my main man, co-owner and brewmaster John “J.R.” Roberts brewed for our imbibing pleasure! He chose “Excuse My English” which he said fit his brew perfectly. I won a gift card, t-shirt and some other schwag. Here is his breakdown on this delish 85 IBU, 6.8% ABV English IPA I am the proud namer of that you better hurry up and sip here before it’s gone!:
“This is how it all began! Long before American craft brewers twisted this classic English ale into the wonderfully hoppy IPAs of today, British brewers invented the style. Excuse My English IPA was brewed with all British malts, hops and yeast. I even adjusted the soft Atlanta water to imitate the mineral hard water of Burton-on-Trent. The result is a distinctly different tasting IPA than the usual American version. Earthy Kent Golding and Fuggles hops are perfectly balanced by a nutty malt backbone with notes of caramel and toffee. The mineral heavy water smooths the finish with wonderful complexity. Enjoy!”   - John “J.R.” Roberts

Me and J.R. from Max Lager's sippin'
the 'Excuse My English' IPA
I also hung out some of the most important figures in the beer world, and have received an overwhelming amount of support and props for this website. That meant a lot and I will continue to make sure that delivers good shizzznit for your reading pleasure. I plan on doing a slideshow for the entire month of October as well—which has been a monster—so stay tuned for that.  
Well, to sum things up, I just finished my Thai Spiced Salmon Salad and Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest wet hop ale (6.7 % ABV) at Deckard’s before getting ready for this weekend. Taste of Atlanta is the biggie so far and I am definitely hitting that up.
See you soon, beer fam! We will find out what's poppin' together! Let me know on Twitter/alesharpton.
Oh, and here is that cake...or what was left of it. Dope, ain't it?
They didn't want to cut up my pretty face. Ha!
Anyway, see y'all where the brew is!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

What’s left for Atlanta Beer Week?

This sold the hell out in record time!
Atlanta Beer Week, which started on the 8th, has been a blast and the ingenious idea of designating a different district of Atlanta a day per week to show off their brew love has made this a memorable 8-day span. Concluding tomorrow, there are still a number of awesome events and spots to hoist quality, experimental and even kooky suds from all over the world. With that being said, here’s what left to flock to.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Wrecking Bar is going ‘Coconuts’ tonight!

My man, Wrecking Bar Brewmaster Chris Terenzi, is leading the insanity

One of my favorite couples—Wrecking Bar owners Bob and Kristine Sandage—have pimped out one of the major landmarks in Little Five Points into a “must” location for beer. Thanks to the Sandages, a great staff and Brewmaster Chris Terenzi, Atlanta has yet another awesome hangout to get some quality suds brewed directly on site. Well, with Atlanta Beer Week in full swing, that white Victorian mansion on Moreland Ave. will be hopping again tonight with two highly anticipated “one and dones” on tap along with nine others for our sipping pleasure!

Around 7 pm when things get going, I am definitely going to lift a pint glass of Chris’ Aztec Stout and, in the case of the Coconut Aztec Stout, I will be sipping it from an actual coconut! Bob recently said, “The instant Chris let me try this combination of Jemmy Stout, buckwheat honey, lactose, chipotle pepper, and roasted cocoa nibs it became a top-10 caliber beer for me.  And that doesn't come easy.  To top it off, we will be serving a limited amount of the Jemmy Stout and Aztec Stout from coconuts.  The beer has aged in coconuts for almost a week, giving it just the right touch.”

Like I said, they are going “coconuts” at the Wrecking Bar!

Oh yeah, and they have a beer dinner for a mere $30 popping off tonight as well including something called “Beer Caviar.” What the…?!!! “It is all awesome,” Bob explains, “but I will point out that the beer ‘caviar’ may be one of the most unique beer-food creations I have tried.  The beer is reduced to thicken and slightly concentrate the flavors and a meticulous process creates small ‘pearls’ that resemble caviar but there is nothing fishy about them.  The pearls are perfectly matched with the appropriate cheese, sitting on top of the cheese and a house made cracker.  The pearls release all of that great beer flavor when chewing it with the cheese and cracker. You must try this!”

Here is the rest of the menu. Check it:

Sweet and Spicy Asian Shrimp Cocktail
Beer Pairing: Victor IPA

Roasted Red and Gold Beets with Goat Cheese, Arugula, Candied Walnuts and Orange-Hefeweizen Vinaigrette
Beer Pairing: Nelson Golden Ale

Altbier-Braised Pork Ossabucco with Mustard Greens and Turnips
Beer Pairing: Alted States Sticke Alt

Cheese Course
House-Made Crackers with
Great Hill Blue Cheese and Jemmy Stout “Caviar” & St. Andres and Dunkelweizen “Caviar”
Beer Pairing: Choose Jemmy Stout or BaDunkeldonk

For more Wrecking Bar info including locations, times, yada yada yada, go here.

See you there, homies!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HOToberfest winners are announced!

Pretty soon, the winning breweries will be pimping this awesome award!

Yep, the 2011 HOToberfest was, as usual, an incredible time, with so many different brews to sip on that sunny October 1st afternoon! I had a ball and always respect how hard founders Alan, Denise and Tryon go to make sure their casks are extraordinary and shipped from all over the nation. Besides all the firkins, VIP tents and abundance of beer enthusiasts that make HOToberfest an annual priority, everyone loves the opportunity to vote for their favorite potion of sipping bliss out of more than 200. With that being said, congrats to the winners of the 2011 HOToberfest General Tasting Awards! I wholeheartedly agree with the following victors. They were delish!

·         Gold: Wild Heaven Craft Beers - Eschaton - Abt/Quadrupel - ABV 10.5%

·         Silver: Terrapin Beer Company - Hopsecutioner - IPA - ABV 7.3%

·         Bronze: Red Brick Brewing - Vanilla Gorilla - Imperial/Strong Porter - ABV 7.5%

Firkin VIP Awards
These are selected from over 60 of the world’s most sought after beers!

·         Gold: Lagunitas - Dry Hopped Maximus IPA CASK - Fresh Hopped Imperial/Double IPA

·         Silver: Sweetwater Brewing - Bean to Brew Porter (Sweetwater & Cacao Collaboration CASK) - Chocolate Porter

·         Bronze: Port Brewing - Dry Hopped High Tide IPA CASK - Fresh Hopped IPA

Now make sure you continue celebrating Atlanta Beer Week. Go here for all of the happening around town. It has been bananas so far!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Check out my Atlanta Beer Week video with Mike Jordan and Thrillist!

Peep this video and all of the awesome events for Atlanta Beer Week!

What's Up Fellow Sippers!
With the 8-day Atlanta Beer Week hitting Georgia's capital by storm (it's going to be crayyyyzzzzay from the 8th through the 16th!), it only made sense to do a video here describing a few of the many speeezots to indulge in the world's greatest beverage! 
With that being said, I linked up with Mike Jordan and the Atlanta version of his hipster website, Thrillist.Com, (Whaddup, Mike!). We hit up TAP in Midtown, Deckard's Kitchen and Kegs on Ponce, and The PorterThe video came out hot, as I collaborated with my man Chef Matt Deckard and bragged about him winning at the recent Battle of the Burgers in Atlanta (peep my picture of his winning entry), plus the cool Porter bartender Justin (who calls me "Ales") boasting about all of the awesomeness going on at his bar in Little Five Points. It came out pretty dope! 

Here are a couple of video notes: 

  • That brew I was sipping in the first scene was Red Brick's Brick Mason Imperial IPA, potent potion of hoppy goodness (9.5% ABV, 90 IBUs), made right here in The A!
  • For those serious geeks who won't let it slide (and me being a perfectionist), I did say in the video that The Porter (#4) and Brick Store (#7) were Top 5 in stead of Top 10 in the world according to RateBeer, but hey, that is a good 'eff up, right?

Besides the video, here is a list of all the craziness poppin' throughout the ATL. Hopefully I will see you at a few of these locations and events. Holla!!!!:

Oct. 8th "Acca Dacca Blaccka" Black IPA
Wrecking Bar Brewpub, Atlanta
Oct. 8th 3rd Annual Hop Harvest Festival
Brick Store Pub, Decatur
Oct. 8th - Oct. 16thDirty Dozen Chicken Wings and Beer Pairings
5 Seasons North, Atlanta
Oct. 8th - Oct. 16thDrink Local and Support Local Charities at Tower
Tower Doraville, Doraville
Oct. 8th - Oct. 16thDrink Local and Support Local Charities at Tower
Tower Buckhead, Atlanta
Oct. 8th Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter Dry Hopped Firkin
Taco Mac Decatur, Decatur
Oct. 8th - Oct. 16thMountain of Beer Cheese Nachos paired with an October Fest Beer
HOBNOB Neighborhood Tavern, Atlanta
Oct. 8th Picktoberfest & Low Country Boil
Twain's Billiards & Tap, Decatur
Oct. 8th Pig Roast
Hand in Hand, Atlanta
Oct. 8th - Oct. 16thDirty Dozen Chicken Wings and Beer Pairings
5 Seasons Westside, Atlanta
Oct. 8th Reunion vs. Reunion
The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta
Oct. 9th Beer 3 Ways!
Holeman & Finch Public House, Atlanta
Oct. 9th Hand Drawn Lagunitas Maximus Cask Conditioned Keg
Taco Mac Decatur, Decatur
Oct. 9th Left Hand Beer Week Sauce
Deckards American Tavern, Atlanta
Oct. 9th Rare Keg of Duck Rabbit beer
Brick Store Pub, Decatur
Oct. 9th Dessert Beer Flight & Pairing
The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta
Oct. 10th $2 Sweetwater
Goin Coastal Seafood, Atlanta
Oct. 10th $3 Local Pints
The Family Dog, Atlanta
Oct. 10th Beer Feature: Monday Night Brewing (Beer & App Pairings)
Diesel Filling Station, Atlanta
Oct. 10th Beer Feature: Wild Heaven
D.B.A. Barbecue, Atlanta
Oct. 10th Cask of Victor IPA Aged on Cedar
Wrecking Bar Brewpub, Atlanta
Oct. 10th Creature Comforts IPA
Pura Vida, Atlanta
Oct. 10th Hop Haarvest Cask
Hand in Hand, Atlanta
Oct. 10th Left Hand Bier De Garde
Taco Mac Metropolis, Atlanta
Oct. 10th Stillwater Artisanal Ales, Stateside Saison, Autumnal, Cellar Door
Taco Mac Decatur, Decatur
Oct. 10th - Oct. 16thTerrapin Takeover
Thinking Man Tavern, Decatur
Oct. 10th Dogfish Head & Sierra Nevada Tasting
The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta
Oct. 10th Victory & Left Hand Beer Dinner
Local Three, Atlanta
Oct. 11th $3.75 For Gordon Biersch Beers
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, Atlanta
Oct. 11th $4 Duvel Green, $4 Fruitesse, and $4 Rare Vos
TAP, Atlanta
Oct. 11th Cask #1 of the Cuvee de Atlanta series at Max Lagers Patrons
Max Lager's Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery, Atlanta
Oct. 11th Duck Confit Tacos and Terrapin So Fresh & So Green, Green pairing
Barrelhouse, Atlanta
Oct. 11th Duck Rabbit Firkin
Ormsby's, Atlanta
Oct. 11th Georgia Harvest Beer Dinner
Deckards American Tavern, Atlanta
Oct. 11th Growler fills of New Belgium's 'Clutch' and 'Kick'
Ale Yeah!, Decatur
Oct. 11th Harvest Dinner
Deckards American Tavern, Atlanta
Oct. 11th Left Hand & Terrapin
Taco Mac Decatur, Decatur
Mac's Beer and Wine, Atlanta
Oct. 11th Local Tap Takeover
Hop City Craft Beer and Wine, Atlanta
Oct. 11th Nook's Craft Beer Paradise TAP TAKEOVER
The Nook on Piedmont Park, Atlanta
Oct. 11th Rare Kegs From B. United import Co.
Brick Store Pub, Decatur
Oct. 11th Duvel Tulip Glass Giveaway
The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta
Oct. 11th Rare and Cellared Beers at Cypress Street
Cypress Street Pint & Plate, Atlanta
Oct. 11th Octoberfest Beer Dinner
Crepe Revolution, Smyrna
Oct. 12th 1st Annual Decatur Beer Passport Crawl
Brick Store Pub, Decatur
Oct. 12th Ale Yeah! Locals-Only Tap Event
Ale Yeah!, Decatur
Oct. 12th Capt Stab Tuggo Live Freak Show (Coney and HeBrew Beers Flowing)
The Square Pub, Decatur
Oct. 12th City of Decatur Beer Week Day
Taco Mac Decatur, Decatur
Oct. 12th Cuvee cask #2
Twain's Billiards & Tap, Decatur
Oct. 12th Red Brick Smoked Vanilla Gorilla (glassware giveaway)
Deckards American Tavern, Atlanta
Oct. 12th Stone Vertical Epic 10'
Taco Mac Metropolis, Atlanta
Italian Beer Class
The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta
Oct. 13th Coconut-aged Jemmy Stout
Wrecking Bar Brewpub, Atlanta
Oct. 13th Cuvee de Cask!
5 Seasons Westside, Atlanta
Oct. 13th Dave Daniels & the PTA
Twain's Billiards & Tap, Decatur
Oct. 13th Hand Poured Cask of "Aztec Stout"
Wrecking Bar Brewpub, Atlanta
Oct. 13th Hand Poured Cask of "Aztec Stout"
Wrecking Bar Brewpub, Atlanta
Oct. 13th Heavy Seas Brewing Company at Taco Mac
Taco Mac Decatur, Decatur
Oct. 13th In-Store Appearance From Schmaltz Brewing and Tap-Takeover
Ale Yeah!, Decatur
Oct. 13th Monday Night Brewing & Red Hare Tasting
Muss & Turner's, Smyrna
Oct. 13th Sierra Nevada Life & Limb
The Fred Bar, Sandy Springs
Oct. 13th Sierra Nevada Life and Limb #2
Deckards American Tavern, Atlanta
Oct. 13th Beer and Cheese Tasting
The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta
Oct. 14th A Celebration of American Craft Beer 
Brick Store Pub, Decatur
Oct. 14th A Little Bell Told Me
The Fred Bar, Sandy Springs
Oct. 14th Cask #4 of the Cuvee de Atlanta Series
Wrecking Bar Brewpub, Atlanta
Oct. 14th Heavy Seas Night
Taco Mac Lindbergh, Atlanta
Oct. 14th Mikkeller vs. Evil Twin
The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta
Oct. 14th Small Plate Specials & Beer Pairings
Muss & Turner's, Smyrna
Oct. 14th SweetWater Brown-Eyed Buckeye
Taco Mac Metropolis, Atlanta
Oct. 14th TBD Cask
Taco Mac Decatur, Decatur
Oct. 15th BFM = Swiss Beer Sweetness 
The Fred Bar, Sandy Springs
Oct. 15th Decatur Craft Beer Festival 2011
Brick Store Pub, Decatur
Oct. 15th Great Beer on Draught
Taco Mac Decatur, Decatur
Oct. 15th Randalized Weyerbacher Pumkin
The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta
Oct. 16th Bootleg Beer Dinner
The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta
Oct. 16th Left Hand Fade to Black #3 Chocolate chili
Deckards American Tavern, Atlanta
Oct. 16th Tapping specialty kegs: TBA
Augustine's, Atlanta


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