Monday, March 11, 2013

A ridiculous weekend including Secret Stash Bash!

Chillin' with 5 Seasons Mastermind Kevin McNerney and Green Flash!
Draft Filling Station, Secret Stash Bash, multiple beer bars, and New Belgium Beer dinner coming up = 'Cray'!

Ohhhhh man, what a weekend! I needed all day Sunday to shut my body down and recover! On Friday, I hit up a new growler spot called Draft Filling Station that boasts about 41 taps, schwag, an amazing staff, and get this: tastings! (Look for a feature on them soon and the Ale Sharpton Monthly Draft Pick featured there! First up: Wild Heaven's Ode To Mercy Winter edition.) 
Draft Filling Station showing off my 32 ounces of freshly poured
Green Flash Le Freak Ale Sharpton-style! Owwwww!
After that, I did some beer consulting for a new restaurant (the official announcement's coming soon), and then it was spades all night along with a bottle share at my spot (Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout, Sierra Nevada's new Ovila with Plums, and SweetWater's new Red Wheat Wine were on the menu). 

And then there was Saturday.

Sarah with Wild Heaven, New Holland's Tyler (left), local artist Matt Albert,
and hundreds of others were in the house!
The Secret Stash Bash on Saturday afternoon hosted by 5 Seasons-Sandy Springs and Taco Mac's Prado location, was was bananas! Breweries from all over the nation flexed their muscles and flaunted some of their limited edition beers you can't buy at any bottle shop. Pouring from casks, kegs and bottles, hundreds of us got our sip on in perfect weather! There are couple of photos here and a lot more coming up in a follow-up post!

J-Smooth with Boulevard kicked it with me at the Fred
and a gang of other ridiculous spots on Saturday!
After that, I took my new homey, Kansas City's Boulevard Brewer Jeremy Danner, for a night on the town visiting some of Atlanta's prized beer slingers in this order: The FredWrecking Bar, the Porter, Brick Store, Leon's, and the new hot spot in East Atlanta, Argosy. I proceeded on to the Octopus Bar to meet up with some friends from the AllWays Open Creative crew, the super cool Fox Brothers, and a few others. (Jeremy smartly took it home after Argosy so that he could wake up for his morning flight. That had to be murder but I hope it was totally worth it!) I left my camera with my trusty brother Lamont who shot most of these flicks (thank  Mont!) after the Stash Bash because I was scared it would come up missing by the end of the night, but pics still surfaced on my Twitter. Overall, that night was crazy! 

Me and Chip with New Belgium showing off their gangster schwag! 
Oh, and a shout out to New Belgium! So many people tried to but my Rampant Imperial IPA hat off of me but it wasn't happenin'! I love trucker caps and this one is fire! And speaking of which, they have a beer dinner with ATL's new seafood god, The Optimist, tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/11) and there might be a few seats left! Here is the info (shout outs to my boy Chip and Craig with New Belgium; Optimist's Owner and Chef Ford Fry; and Kraig & Co. with Hop City!):

The Optimist/New Belgium Beer Dinner
Tuesday, March 12th - 6:00 pm!

Join Hop City at The Optimist (914 Howell Mill Rd), one of Atlanta's hottest restaurants as we eat delicious food paired with New Belgium beers. We will be tasting Shift, Ranger, Dig, Transatlantic Kriek, and two brand-new beers (including the Rampant)! It'll be $50 plus tax and tip. Call 404-350-9998 or email Mina at Hop City here for reservations: for reservations.

Look for tons of more things to report including my coverage of the upcoming Atlanta Auto Show. As usual, Atlanta and the entire microbrew industry's off the chain!



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