Thursday, February 6, 2014

A quick shout out to Founders

Plain and simple: Thanks.

Whaddup Craft Beer Lovers!

I just left Atlanta because I'm shooting the newest in automobiles at the Chicago Auto Show 2014 (February 8-17), and between traveling, working, and fighting off the cold, I felt the spirit to honor one of the main reasons craft breweries are kicking so much ass, Founders Brewing Company. Here is one of my photos capturing a display of this Grand Rapids, Michigan-based brewery's mastery set up in the world-renowned Brick Store Pub's aging room on the second floor. A beautiful site, ain't it? (I will be posting more eye candy of their incredible selection soon.) 
Stay tuned for what I come across on four wheels and in a bottle while kicking it in the Windy...err... Snowy City aka Chi-Town! 
And again, you are the shiiizzzznit Founders. Keep pouring us the gangster.


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