Thursday, March 31, 2016

Celebrate Burnt Hickory turning 4 Saturday!

On Saturday, April 02, starting at 1–5 p.m., 70-plus gangster brews including Hunahpu, KBS and special Burnt Hickory selections will be poured!

Anything my homey Scott Hedeen and his Burnt Hickory BreweryPosse is a part of, I am supporting. This weekend is going to host a sick beer event in Kennesaw—the Third Annual Depot Park Beer Festival—and it will be featuring BHB’s fourth birthday as well. With more than 70 ridiculously tasty brews, two concert stages, and a gang of events, hit this one up if you can. For more info and tickets, go here.
As if you needed more convincing, how about this beer list:
My homey Scott Hedeen, the founder of Burnt Hickory, can brew his ass off.
Cigar City                      Hunahpu's Imperial Stout
Founders                       Kentucky Breakfast Stout
Against the Grain         Your Lytest One
Bells                               Bear Hug Imperial Stout
Wicked Weed                La Bonte Plum
Coastal Empire             Midnight in the Garden
Terrapin                        Barrel Aged Something
Cherry Street                Belgo Ruskie
Grumpy Old Men         Bergey Brown Cask
Southern Sky                Lemon Meringue Beholden Cask
Burnt Hickory                Cherry infused Killdozer: For Ladies Only
Burnt Hickory                Kolb's Farm Vanilla Habinero: Burial Truce
Burnt Hickory                Kolb's Farm Butterfinger: Kicked out of Weeblos
Burnt Hickory                Die Kreuzen BA Maple Pumpkin Ale: Man in the Trees
Burnt Hickory                Atomic Fireball CWOTD: Crop Circle
Burnt Hickory                Raspberry Orange Didjits: Staring at the Rude Boys
Burnt Hickory                Mother of Mercy
From The Burnt Hickory Brewery:
Burnt Hickory               Angel Rat Golden Sour
Burnt Hickory               Halo of Flies
Burnt Hickory               Big Shanty
Burnt Hickory               Bloody Bishop
Burnt Hickory               Cannon Dragger
Burnt Hickory              Charred Walls of the Damned
Burnt Hickory              Courageous Conductor
Burnt Hickory              The Didjits
Burnt Hickory              Ezekiel's Wheel
Burnt Hickory              Feeling Gravity's Pull
Burnt Hickory             Fighting Bishop
Burnt Hickory             General Joe
Burnt Hickory              If you see Kay
Burnt Hickory              Hot Judge Fudge
Burnt Hickory             Killboy Powerhead
Burnt Hickory             Killdozer
Burnt Hickory             Kolb's Farm
Burnt Hickory             Mad Caddy
Burnt Hickory            Maps and Legends
Burnt Hickory             Nana Knocker
Burnt Hickory            Noggin Knocker
Burnt Hickory            Spanish Bombs
Burnt Hickory            Usurper IPA
Burnt Hickory            Wrong EM Boyo
Burnt Hickory            Zekey Stardust

BHB Collaborations:
Three Taverns/BHB   Midnight on Moon Station
7th Sun/BHB             Collaboration
Angry Chair/BHB      Collaboration
Costal Empire/BHB    March to the Sea
Cycle/BHB                  Collaboration
Dry Co/BHB               Pina Collada IPA
Malt Monkeys/BHB   Tammy's Black IPA
Orpheus/BHB            Pellet Gun Sour Blend
Schoolhouse/BHB    White Stout
Sweetwater/BHB       Don's Bella Donna Smoked Old Bay
WH/BHB                    You got a Purdy Mouth
Red Brick/BHB          Govenor's Pike

Local / Regional
Cherry Street             Coconut Porter
Cherry Street             Groovy Child Guava Ale
Cigar City                   Jai Alai
Coastal Empire          Broughton St Saison
Coastal Empire          Halle Berliner Weiss
Creature Comforts    Athena
Creature Comforts    Cosmic Debris
Dry County                Dry County IPA
Dry County                Namesake Session Ale
Eventide                     Kattegat
Eventide                     Kolsch
Gate City                   Amber
Gate City                    IPA
Grumpy Old Men     ASKA
Grumpy Old Men     Grasshopper Imperial IPA
Jailhose                     Alibi
Jailhouse                  4DIPA Black IPA
Jekyll                         Cattywampus
Jekyll                         Fix In To IPA
Max Lager                 White Oak White
Max Lager                 Wry King Max Imp Stout
Monday Night           Drafty Kilt Cinnamon Cocoa
Monday Night           Georgia Imperial Stout
Naughty Soda           BA Apple PIE
Naughty Soda           Honey and Hops
Omaha                       Hannahatchee Creek IPA
Omaha                       Nada Bannana
Orpheus                     Atalanta
Orpheus                     Lyric Ale
Red Hare                   Citra Session
Red Hare                   Sticky Stout
Reformation              BA Providence
Reformation              Rhubarb Saison
Second Self               Citrus IPA
Second Self               Red Hop Rye
Service                       Old Guard
Service                       Rally Point
Southbound              Clusterfiels
Southbound              Scattered Sun
Southern Sky            Golden Ticket Chocolate Milk Stout
Southern Sky            Hot Southern Blueberry Hoecake Ale
Southern Sky           Worlds Apart Ale
Sweetwater               Cali Woody
Sweetwater               Hash Session IPA
Terrapin                    Sound Czech
Three Taverns           La Pech Mode
Three Taverns          Theophan
Treehorn                    Dry Cider
Treehorn                   Ginger Reserve Cider
Westbrook                 Dark Helmet
Westbrook                One Claw
Wicked Weed            Amourous
Wicked Weed            Infidel Porter

Get it in!


Samuel Adams’ ‘Brewing the American Dream’ hits up ATL!

On March 22, they threw down at the Loudermilk Center to help aspiring brewing entrepreneurs take it to the next level.

What's Up Fellow Craft Beer Sippers?!

Although I couldn’t attend this amazing event held on March 22, I am starting to broaden my base by inviting good writers, beer enthusiasts and basically hustlers like myself to represent Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’
My man William Teasley representing Brothers That Brew did a great job filling in and writing a review of his experience during Boston Beer Company’s Brewing the American Dream event held at the Loudermilk Center in Atlanta. It sounded extra dope after reading his account of what went down. I also want to thank the Boston Posse and all of the Dream staff for providing such an invaluable source of information to aspiring craft brewers.
William, take it away!
(Photos courtesy of Samuel Adams)
On March   2016, Boston Beer Company—the maker of Samuel Adams brand beer—brought Brewing the American Dream coaches to Atlanta to meet with craft food, beverage, hospitality, and beer entrepreneurs to learn from experts on starting and growing their businesses.
Accion, the country’s leading non-profit microlender, partnered with Samuel Adams to increase the success of these businesses nationwide by combining expert business coaching and advising with access to small business capital. Events like Speed Coaching in Atlanta, where participants were granted 20 minutes with an industry expert coach, are held annually in dozens of cities across the country. To date, more than 6,000 businesses have been coached with at least 825 businesses receiving $8.5 million in micro-lending to support their growth.
The 21 small Georgia-based brewers attending this evening’s event were fortunate to have Samuel Adams representatives and Speed Coaches Jennifer Glanville—Brewery Manager—and Category Manager Shawn Egan share their knowledge of brewery production, operations and sales. Gary Woilfe of Kahn Ventures highlighted what is needed to get brewery products to shelves and taps.
Additionally, there were 59 small food and beverage businesses there as well meeting with available Speed Coaches on legal issues, marketing, social media, business plan writing, and other topics critical to small and growing business. The Accion team highlighted several products they offered to all of the participants present including microlending to working capital loans to help those businesses grow.
Kathy Davis, “Head Goat” of the Abbey of the Holy Goats Brewery, was also present and inquired about how to more expeditiously reach the next level. Her excellent beer and culinary background is what helps her burgeoning business stand out; the presence of the seasoned staff during this event provided more expertise to further boost her momentum.
Ultimately, Brewing the American Dream created opportunities for businesses like Kathy’s to build their networks and set the stage for future growth and opportunities.
-          William Teasley, Brothers That Brew and Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’




Monday, March 28, 2016

Creative Loafing shows me love!

Fellow beer scribe Austin Louis Ray does a feature on me in his popular 'First Draft' section. Here's the play-by-play on what went down.

Peace My Homies!

What a way to wake up on a Monday, eh?! 
The homey Austin.
When I got the call from my the great writer Austin Louis Ray wanting to feature me in his monthly First Draft column known for covering the beer game's influencers, I was floored and honored. Of course, I said hell yeah and we met about a week later at one of my favorite beer bars in Atlanta, The Argosy. I brought a Schlafly Double Bean Blonde for everyone to try since I try bring a lil' something no one has in this city when possible. (Austin did a fine job documenting this in his article.) Everyone was feeling it for sure. 
My 'Justin Case' logo I did by marker, a
play on Barney from The Simpsons. 1995
After picking an Argosy draft to sip on, Austin put out the recorder and we did our thing. He and I have known each other for a while and always exchange props to how we mutually support craft beer, so as you can feel the candidness in this piece when you read it. I kept it real as always, and first gave a shout out to the first magazine I ever wrote for when I used my Justin Case alias covering rap ("Off The Record") and my beer column "Beer For The Pour"Cypher Magazine(not counting Cornell's newspaper which I did a couple cartoons for)
After that, we discussed one of my missions to further diversify the world of beer not just racially, but for artists, women, and other demographics and other good shit. I wish the events I have coming up were confirmed by the time the interview went down including Brews. Brims. Beats. Part II, Heroes Villains II, the Beer vs. Wine dinner at Cibo E Beve, a beer dinner with Sweet Auburn Barbecue, and a few other bangers, but you will know details on this site soon, regardless. 
Anyway, after a great discussion with Austin, I went to Washington D.C. and Asheville, NC, and then a photo shoot was scheduled with a cool cat named Eric Cash. We bonded instantly while he snapped me in The Porter Beer Bar's private event room, one of my favorite places to conduct my Hip Hop Beer Tasting with First We Feast and here on Cruisin' For A Brewsin'. (I can't wait to announce my next guest!) During the shoot, I brought a few brews with me including the Starr Hill Daily Grind Pepper Farmhouse Ale, Burial's Scythe Rye IPA, and Creature Comforts' Athena Paradiso while playing Tribe Called Quest on Pandora since the late, legendary Phife passed that morning (RIP). It was certainly  a memorable time. 
So now it's Monday and I wake up with my phone blowing up with texts and Tweets (thank Tori Allen PR for letting me know first) posting this dope article; it made waking up even more of a blessing.
All I have to say is I really appreciate everyone mentioned in this post plus all my fam, friends, brewers, writers, artists, magazines, websites, entrepreneurs, non profits, charities, beer bars, distributors, and musicians who make this world enjoyably liveable. Look for more creative efforts to  keep it that way from your brother Ale. 

Love y'all!


Monday, March 21, 2016

10 Ways Beer is Good For Us!

This Infographic below says so!

I know my blog updates have been a little sporadic due to all of my traveling lately (look for coverage of my beer-hopping trips soon), but here I am! 
After exploring a few of Washington D.C.’s craft beer bars this past weekend like Meridian Pint, Churchkey and Brookland's Finest, along with D.C. Brau who always shows me love, I have tasted quite a few—okay, a lot—of wonderful ales and lagers on this trip. When Monday hit, I checked my emails and saw something that reminded me my consumption was doing my body some good thanks to the infographic I received from a company called WebstaurantStore titled “10 Ways Beer Makes You Healthier.” 
As many of you know, I am already a sucker for infographics especially when they make sense for my site and provide some helpful facts complemented with illustrations. This one surely fits the bill since so many of my cherished readers want to know how beer is good for us.

Anyway, check this infographic out and links to its sources of research below for a more detailed explanation on the ten facts.
·         Beer and Type 2 Diabetes
·         Beer and Kidney Stones
·         Beer and Hydration Levels
·         Beer and Heart Health
·         Beer and Cognitive Function
·         Health Benefits of Beer
·         Beverages and Kidney Stones
·         Beer and Gastric Acid

Ultimately, take what you want from this, still drink moderately, and enjoy the best beverage in the world for as long as you can.



Monday, March 14, 2016

Jekyll Brewing teams up with Taco Mac in March!

From limited glassware to debuting three new beers, Taco Mac shows love to Jekyll Brewing in March!

Whaddup y'all?!

To add more madness to March, Taco Mac is featuring four different Jekyll beers and four different collector glasses every Thursday of the this month at all of their locations. You get a free signature glass with every pint you buy! Regarding the beers, you can pick from the Big Creek Kolsch, Fixin’ To Session IPA, Kinship Belgian-Style Golden Ale and Cattywampus India Brown Ale; the latter three are brand new!
As many of you noticed, I proudly did a cover feature on this burgeoning Alpharetta, Georgia-based brewery for Lifestyle Publications and enjoyed every minute of it. It was fun to document their great story on how the brewery got started, plus take hella photographs of them hard at work. (Click on the magazine cover tab on the right or here to read the full piece starting on page 17). 
I totally dig how Taco Mac shows love to their local breweries and this is a prime example. By the way, if you ever get the chance to visit their Georgia Chapter Room, this is one of the coolest, most decked out beer bars in the state with a very intimate drinking experience for us brew advocates. I go there whenever I can. 
Anyway, I hope this news brightens up your Monday and helps your plans on what to do for March Madness. Oh, and they have a series of four well-done commercials promoting their collaboration with Jekyll too! I even saw one during the SEC tournament on TV yesterday! Peep the four they have on Facebook here and remember: Support local! 


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Here are my photos from the first ever Cellar Fest!

Brick Store threw down last Sunday and here is the proof!


I am making this one short and sweet. Last Sunday, my Brick Store homies hosted their inaugural Cellar Fest featuring some of the best beers they have been aging for up to a decade. Smiling volunteers (many beer experts) were happily pouring a few hundred vessels of seemingly countless varieties of ales for everyone to enjoy.
DJ No Requests was spinning body-grooving tunes while we all got our sip on, compared notes, and filled our bellies with some seriously down-home BBQ. Check out my shots (my bro Lamont took the ones with me in 'em) below. There was also a slideshow created with them hooked up by my dude Greg Harding for here! I have been running crazy this week but finally th epics are here. Thanks for the patience. 
Hopefully you were in one of these or know someone featured. If not, try your luck at the Atlanta Brunch Fest, Tinypalooza, or Couch Trippin' all going down today!

Happy Sippin'!


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