Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Secret Stash Bash is coming!

Photo by my homey Rachel with Monday Night Brewing on site. Shhhh...
Now it’s two sessions, double the tickets, and, of course, crazy beers!
Happy 2014!

After recuperating from the incredible New Year’s event hosted by my creative agency AllWays Open and DJ Mafioso at Loews Atlanta Hotel (see video on my @realalesharpton on Instagram), it’s the New Year and I am staying on top of what’s popping off in the Atlanta beer scene. 
Staying on the case to make sure you get a heads-up on the most happening, festive, original and necessary events for particularly distinguished craft beer lovers like ourselves, the Secret Stash Bash set for Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 5 Seasons-Sandy Springs and Taco Mac-Prado is featured in my first post of the year. 
The Stash Bash is in a nutshell more than 40 gangster breweries from throughout the nation rolling up their sleeves and pouring their brew concoctions we may never get to sip again. From one-and-done casks, to barrel-aged brews and extremely limited edition bottles from their collection even the most dedicated package stores don’t carry, this joint is establishing itself as one of the best beer events in the ATL.
Could this be Monday's top secret? Hmmm...
Last year, there were only 450 tickets were sold, and those attendees received armbands allowing freedom to go to both Taco Mac and 5 Seasons to sample from 40 tasting stations that were pouring liquid bliss by Terrapin, Sierra Nevada, Wild Heaven, Boulevard, SweetWater, Green Flash and 36 others (see my coverage here). Well this year, to meet the demand and spread the love, there will be two back-to-back sessions so that 900 palates can get to taste the nation’s finest—450 tickets for each one—at 12:30 to 3:00 and 4:00 to 6:30. And, of course, when I heard the news about two shifts, I asked a head Taco Mac shot caller, Adam, if that meant beer would run out for the second wave. Emphatically, he told me that these beers will be portioned out (15 gallons for many of 'em), and each session would have special surprises. In other words, everyone is going to be happy.
My man at Taco Mac, Adam,
doing my favorite gangster beer pose!
Explaining the photos, since burgeoning local brewer Monday Night Brewing is joining the fun this year, I had to get the scoop on what they were hooking up for the Bash. Grinning ear to ear while sampling their exceptional Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt from their Black Tie Series and refreshing Tie Two On Munich Helles Lager, I was digging what they had in mind to pour on March 1 and I would tell ya, but then it wouldn't be a secret then, right?
Ultimately, do yourself a favor and grab a ticket before they’re gone. Trust me, they go fast! Here is the info.
Stay tuned in 2014 for more brew news, a lot more Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’ video episodes, articles written by yours truly, and events especially thrown by AllWays Open Creative.



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