Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend recap and Oysterfest at Coldbrews on August 5th!

Red Brick Brewing's President Bob Budd celebrating their 20th Anniversary in style with their fantastic Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout and a blunt..I mean cigar! 
I hope you had a kickass weekend! I had a ball at Red Brick Brewing's 20th Anniversary; their 20th Anniversary Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout was phenomenal and their impressive HWY 515 favored a saison fused with cider was pretty damn good too! 
I also filmed a segment with BET affiliate Centric on beer for the ladies...
Here I am in action filming with Centric. (Photo by Andrea Janise)
And last, I started planning the promotion for the next art show featuring both Beasts Shawn Knight and Eric Nine called Unadulterated on August 17th in East Atlanta, plus the next AllWays Open Creative art event at Loews on August 23. Here's a sneak peek of Eric Nine's flyer minus the date, location and time which is on the way:

As for what else is poppin', the party doesn't stop in the ATL! And on August 5th, there is the Oysterfest at a hip spot that's a perfect fusion of a sports/oyster bar called Coldbrews in Roswell off of Holcomb Bridge. Here's the Oysterfest info for all you seafood lovers and craft beer sippers (they have a pretty nice selection, too):

Coldbrews' Oysterfest on Oyster Day August 5th!
Today, Coldbrews Sports Bar and Grill says ''The World is Your Oyster!" during National Oyster Day featuring .50 cent oysters and $3 canned craft brews in Roswell.
Coldbrews says: Coldbrews Sports Bar and Grill has taken a whole new meaning to the saying, The World is Your Oyster! On Monday, August 5th, the crowd favorite in-house oyster bar is honoring National Oyster Day in a big way. The sports bar and grill will feature $.50 oysters on the half shell all day! Owner and Executive Chef Mimmo Alboumeh invites the Atlanta area to savor the summertime selection, which includes a variety of sauces such as cocktail sauce, mignonette sauce, and fresh horseradish. Enjoy additional specials, including $3 craft can beer all evening. Here’s to a day dedicated to savory shellfish!

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I head to one of my favorite short-drive getaways, Greenville, S.C., to plan for the upcoming Euphoria Food and Wine Festival and shoot another episode of Cruisin' For A Brewsin'. I am hosting Euphoria's Biergarten and beer seminars so plan to get a ticket. I go every year to hang with my homies at Nose Dive, Community Tap, Barley's, Trappe Door, Greenville Beer Exchange, Thomas, Greenville's a great beer city in general!

Enjoy your week! There are more events on deck including National IPA Day on August 1st! Look for my list of the gangster IPAs to try before you die.

Your homey,

Friday, July 26, 2013

It's the weekend!

Red Brick 20th Anniversary, and other kickass events on deck! 

Whaddup, fellow craft brew lovers!

Okay, here’s a list of awesome happenings poppin' off this weekend in Atlanta regarding the world's best beverage, so let's get to it! On Saturday, the oldest existing brewery in Georgia, Red Brick (formerly Atlanta Brewing Company) is celebrating their 20th Anniversary in grand fashion, 5 Seasons Westside’s Beer-B-Q set for noon, and Edgewood Corner Tavern is joining in on the grilling fun with a BBQ joint of their own called Heavy Metal Pig - Hardcore QThere are also new brews to sip at Twain’s (whaddup, Chase!), and always fun-filled brewery tours hosted by SweetWater, Burnt Hickory, Cherry Street, and Red Hare to name a few. And last but not least, hip hop fans can witness a thing called Jukebox the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff in action along with one of my favorite spinners, DJ Kemit, at 595 North tomorrow night too! (Shout to my homey Nikki, the wif,e of one of my best friends and top videographers for awesome productions including Cruisin' For A Brewsin', Keven Digital, who will be celebrating her birthday there. Holla!)
Be safe out there and enjoy this weekend. It should be a good one!

20th Anniversary General Admission Ticket
July 27th 11 am - 6 pm
$25.00, General Admission. $50 VIP

Here’s what they say: Join us for a milestone in Georgia brewing history as we blow the roof off with a huge party to celebrate the 20th birthday of Georgia's oldest brewery! We're going to have amazing live music, food trucks, free samples from Frozen Pints made with our 20th Anniversary Imperial Stout, a whole pig brined in 20th courtesy of Pine St Market, and much more! And here's the kicker: We will have 20, count them, 20 beers on tap/cask. Boom. V.I.P. tickets include:
  • Skip the line check-in
  • Special VIP area during the event
  • Special one-day event Koozies
  • Additional Specialty beers served only to VIP
  • VIP event in tasting room from 6 pm - 8 pm

Here's the 20 gangster brew list:
1. 20th Anniversary- Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout
2. Black-Eye Rye- American Black Ale
3. Lost Years- Barrel Aged Ale
4. Vanilla Gorilla- Imperial Porter with Vanilla
5. 17th Anniversary- Bourbon Aged Brown Ale
6. Hoplanta- IPA
7. Laughing Skull- Amber Ale
8. Red Brick Blonde Ale
9. Red Brick Porter
10. Dog Days- Hefeweizen
11. Sacred Cow- Chai Milk Stout
12. Hop Ration- Double IPA
13. Scarlet Begonias- Red Ale
14. Hibiscuwit- Belgian Wit with Hibiscus Flower
15. Pale Burst- Extra Pale Ale
16. Dog Days cask with Lemon Zest and Chamomile
17. Single Barrel 20th cask with locally roasted coffee
18. Hoplanta cask with Double Dry Hop
19. Better Bitter- Oak Aged Pale Ale
20. Hot Peppercorn- Pink Peppercorn Saison

5 Seasons Westside presents: Beer-B-Q

Saturday July 20th at 12 pm
Here’s what they say: This Saturday, July 20th at 5 Westside we are once again having the 5 Seasons All-You-Can-Eat Beer-B-Q! All day long! It has become an annual event simply because it is so much fun. We celebrate the Summer season with a giant cook out and great cold beer! We've got a big spread with BBQ pork, beef, chicken, quail and fish, all the fixings and some unbelievable sauces. (If you try the hop BBQ sauce, you'll think you died and went to heaven.) And a peach cobbler to finish it off.

Here's the skinny (and since it is all-you-can-eat there ain't nothing skinny about it):

It's $25 All-You-Can-Eat BBQ and sides. We will also have everything a la carte. AND we'll have several beers for just $3/pint. You can't beat that! Here's the spread:

Saturday, July 20th
$25 all-you-can-eat (a la carte also available)
$3 pints

sweet tea brined wild boar
Riverview Farms organic chopped pork
Riverview Farms organic pork ribs
White Oak Pastures smoked & pulled chicken
White Oak Pastures beef brisket
BBQ quail
cornmeal crusted North GA trout

BBQ Sauces:
hop, blackberry, orange, smoked tomato, mustard, Alabama White

fresh peas, black pepper slaw, corn on the cob,
French fries, sweet potato fries, watermelon & feta salad, fried smoked potato

GA peach cobbler

It will be a lot of fun! And it's a great deal. There's plenty of great food, great beers and lots of choices. We hope you can make it out! Call us to make a reservation at 404-875-3232, or make a quick and easy on-line reservation here. Of course, feel free to just show up!
Cheers and we hope to see you at the 5!

Corner Tavern - Edgewood's 
Heavy Metal Pig- Hardcore Q

Jukebox featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff


Friday, July 19, 2013

Souls of Mischief killed it!

My homies  Phesto, Tajai, and Opio spit every verse
from the classic 93 'til Infinity album flawlessly! (A-Plus was chillin' outside.)
Plain and simple, here are few shots from the GANGSTER Souls of Mischief show last night! Not only was the music they performed a classic performance, but these cats are hella cool to their fans. Of course, I am one of 'em. 

Shout out to Speakeasy Promotions and Terminal West for have a bananas beer selection, too! Dude, I was faded last night thanks to the Sierra Nevada Torpedo and Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, plus others! It's been a while and I paid for it this morning but worth it! 

Anyway, support these lyrical assassins when they come to your town on this legendary StillInfinity tour. Here are the rest of their stops.
I tried to cop a shirt but they only had smalls left. I would've even considered even a smedium but, no dice. All good though! 

They also have the Heiroglyphics The Kitchen album out too. Here is the info on that joint. Thank God real hip hop still lives and always will...'til infinity!
Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Souls of Mischief is performing in the ATL Thursday!

Let's celebrate the 20th Anniversary of 93 'til Infinity at Terminal West! 

As many of you know, I am a hip hop head for life, and to get the opportunity to see the lyrical assassins out of Oakland, Souls of Mischief, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their  incredible classic album '93 'til Infinity with a live performance in Atlanta, I am there! 
This is the cover of the '93 classic!
Trust me, the Souls picked the perfect name for their album because, yes, it will be regarded as one of the greatest albums FOREVER, and to see this quartet from the Heiroglyphics lyrical collective (Whaddup, Del the Funky Homosapien!) do the entire album with a live band and special guests for a mere $12, it's a no-brainer! 
Get your tickets. And keep in mind, I don't get a cut of this. It's all for the love!
Oh, and as an extra incentive, the brew selection at the Terminal West is pretty damn impressive! 

See you there!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp gets gangster with 12 microbreweries!

Allagash, Cigar City, Three Floyds and 9 others set to collab with Sierra on a variety Beer Camp 12-pack!

Hey Craft Beer Lovers!
One of the best breweries in the world, Sierra Nevada, is taking their revered Beer Camp to a ridiculously higher level by inviting 12 breweries to make their individual version of a collaboration with Sierra. In other words, “one partner brewery per beer.” 
I was blessed enough to experience being a part of their awesome Camp—two days of brewing with a group of other beer advocates and Sierra Nevada at their state-of-the-art brewery in Chico, California—and I will never forget it. I made #88, the El Pluorado golden ale infused with pluots, with 11 other homies throughout the nation and posted my experiences here and here. Well now, Sierra is inviting 12 amazing microbreweries (one being the local Asheville brewing community) to bring their expertise and christen the new brewery in Mills River, North Carolina in order to create perhaps the most gangster variety 12-pack in history! Look at this list:

Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada’s founder, says, “Craft brewers are a close bunch, and we’ve all helped each other get to this point. This is a fun way to showcase even just a fraction of the talent that’s out there, and somehow 12 beers doesn’t feel like enough. If this weren’t already a logistical mammoth, we’d brew with even more of our great peers.”
I can’t wait for its release during the summer of 2014! And again, I commend how our prized breweries are working together to keep smiles on the faces of us craft beer lovers! Can you dig it?! What an ingenious idea! Stay tuned for more info on this incredible project. I can't wait to see what cats like Three Floyds, Ballast Point, Cigar City, Oskar Blues, Russian River, Bell's, Victory... hell, all of 'em do! Which collaboration can't you wait for?
For more info, visit



Friday, July 12, 2013

Atlanta haps for the rest of July!

The Atlanta Street Food Fest is just one of the many things poppin' in July! 
It’s the weekend!
I want to first thank everyone for your support during my hard times trying to recover everything I lost last Saturday (see here). It means a lot. Keep commenting and tweeting about it until justice is served. Second, I am still maintaining my duty as an informant on anything hot going on in Atlanta and beyond, so here’s my list of things you might want to strongly consider checking out if you are in Georgia’s capital for the rest of the month of July. We're talking about the amazing Funkjazz Kafe music and arts extravaganza, a new seasonal brew by Red Hare Brewery, a restaurant-hopping Paint Nite, the Atlanta Street Food Fest, and a Christmas Party in July thanks to Atkins Park to name a few. These descriptions below are direct from the source with some of my commentary here and there, so enjoy! There are more events coming, but for now, here ya go:

FunkJazz Kafé: See the History and Experience the Legacy
Legendary multi-faceted arts and music festival preps for a two-day film and festival experience

(Hands down, this is the seminal event that has set the standard for indoor music festivals that incorporate soul, hip hop and the phenomenal artists responsible for making this music come alive. Hats off to the FunkJazz Kafe founder and producer Jason Orr. He is a true inspiration. Read on and be sure to be a part of this ongoing historic music extravaganza.)

Proclaimed by Rolling Stone Magazine as “A Cultural Paradise!” and VIBE Magazine as “A Legendary Carnival of Art & Music,” FunkJazz Kafé Arts & Music Festival, one of the most anticipated and original, interactive cultural arts festivals in North America will launch its 19th year in collaboration with NBAF's 25th Anniversary National Black Arts Festival Celebration. For two consecutive days, July 12th and 13th FunkJazz Kafé® will execute ‘music magic’ through film and unscripted environments of high-energy live performance.
FunkJazz Kafé: Diary of A Decade (The Story Of A Movement)
Friday, July 12 at 7pm Southwest Arts Center (915 New Hope Rd SW)
See the history and experience the legacy of FunkJazz Kafé through its highly acclaimed, award winning documentary film, “FunkJazz Kafé: Diary of A Decade (The Story Of A Movement).”
Narrated by Chuck D of Public Enemy, this nationally popular, consistently SOLD-OUT, film documentary spans the late 1980s - early 2000s and speaks on the fabric of soul music, its pioneers, its offspring, the challenges with the commercial music industry, and the evolution of the Atlanta-birthed FunkJazz Kafé.

FunkJazz Kafé: The Festival
Saturday, July 13 at 8pm The Tabernacle (152 Luckie Street NW)
Known for ‘the unknown’ for nearly two decades, high-quality, unannounced talent such as Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Erykah Badu, Public Enemy, Janelle Monáe, India.Arie, Cee Lo Green, Jamie Foxx, Bilal, Dionne Farris, and hip-hop legends Doug E. Fresh and MC Lyte have graced the FunkJazz Kafé stage. Expect once-in-a-lifetime artist experiences, exclusive music performances and various interactive components, displayed in nine separate areas or suites. The FunkJazz Kafé® marketplace will host a variety of exhibitors, Capioera Angola martial arts demonstrations, interactive drumming and dancing and a “House Party Suite” powered by Savoy Magazine. 

Tickets for the FunkJazz Kafé: Diary Of A Decade (The Story Of A Movement) film screening can be purchased online at and tickets for FunkJazz Kafé® Arts & Music Festival can be purchased at or at The Tabernacle box office.
For more info, visit: YouTube: funkjazzkafechannel Vimeo: funkjazzkafe  Twitter: funkjazzkafe Facebook: funkjazzkafe

Second Annual Atlanta Street Food Festival
Saturday, July 13, 12 to 8 p.m., Piedmont Park, 400 Park Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30306
Atlanta’s favorite food trucks will roll into Piedmont Park on Saturday, July 13, from noon to 8 p.m, for the second annual Atlanta Street Food Festival. Presented by MARTA, the Festival is the city’s only day-long event dedicated to street cuisine. The 2013 Atlanta Street Food Festival represents the largest gathering of food trucks in the Southeast, bringing together more than 25 food trucks, local merchants and artisans, and live musical entertainment from some of the area’s favorite performers. Feature trucks include Yumbii, Mix’D Up, Masala Fresh, Smileys, Happy Belly, W.O.W and Williamson Brothers BBQ.
For more info and tickets, visit
 (I will be there!)

The Monthly Burnt Hickory Brewery Throwdown/Tasting/Tour!
Same deal as always, Burnt Hickory Brewery is hosting this awesome gathering 12-5 pm for a mere $10.00 for the straight tasting, custom glass (new ones too! Blue pub glasses!) and tour with FIVE tickets for FIVE 4oz pours. You can go for the Expanded Tour:  Same as the 10.00 one but you just get 3 more tickets to be used for the samples.
The weather is looking good. Our normal food providers will be here,Chef Mike and Red Top BBQ. Beavis will be here too! Wow!

Here’s the Tap List direct from Scott Hedeen:
1. Old Wooden Head
 Our 11% IIPA. One of the Atlanta "Bucket List Beers" (Thanks Austin and CL!) 
2. Ezekiel's Wheel ("Zeke") 
Our 6.5% Pale Ale.  It's the latest batch that we are Oh-So-Cleverly calling "Zombie Cutter" or "Daisy Dust".  This thing is a tribute to our fave Chicagoan pale ales.  Hmmm Mmmm CITRA hops!
3.White Flag Third Strike Wit
Our Imp WIT (yes. Imp WIT!)  It's cloudy and hitting New Glarusian fruit levels with the extra dosing of very tart apricots!  "Named for Popular California Rock Band" according to the Marietta Daily Journal.  I know you LOVE that! 
4. Cannon Dragger
Our FLAGSHIP Ale. 8.5% IPA.  It's catty. It's danky. It's piney.  Nuff Said?
Our limited summer dosing of ZEKE with Pineapples. It's 6.5% and fruity. Tropical!  It's named for all you Bowie fans.  Jim Bowie that is!

Specials! Limited pours of one brewery-only beer every hour starting at
1 pm, with…
Cannon Clasher Vol. 4: "The Four Horsemen" Our continuing tribute to one of the greatest lps of all time, The Clash's London Calling. This month we took our awesomely great IPA, Cannon Dragger, and dry hop it with FOUR DIFFERENT rare hops! Thus the "Four".  ONE KEG ONLY.
The hops? 1. El Dorado  2.Meridian 3. Polaris 4.Calypso.  What a lineup of cutting edge newer hops!

2 pm
Knutsak #1: "ButterRum Lifesaver" and KNUTSAK #2 "Boo Boo's Banana Popsicle"  
Knutsak is a collaboration we have going on now with the Buttenkraken Brewery from Bulgaria.  They are some of the meanest surliest brewers in the world. Only problem? They love to brew with fruit!  Bad asses to the core! 

3 pm.
Killdozer: Our 13.5% Bourbon Barrel aged Barleywine. Now some 7 months in the barrel, this beer is getting GOOD.
ONE KEG. These beers pour out fast, so if you want to make sure you get some. Be here on time! 

Paint, Drink and Be Merry: “Paint Nite” Events Hit Atlanta Nightlife
Social painting phenomenon pops up in bars throughout Atlanta
Social painting is the new thing and Paint Nite, a leader in the industry, announces the launch of their events in bars and restaurants throughout Atlanta. Social painting has given a fresh creative spin on girl’s night out, date night, or a way to meet someone new. A professional, artist provides step-by-step instruction, from a blank canvas to a final piece of personalized art in about two hours while participants enjoy sipping on their favorite cocktails. The bars bring in patrons on a slow night, the artist creates their own small business and participants experience a fun night out socializing with old and new friends and painting something they can take home and brag about!
“Paint Nite is a win-win-win for us, for local artists and for the participants,” said Helen Kirk, event sales and marketing manager at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant on Buckhead Ave. “While people are painting and having fun socializing with friends, we get to drive traffic on a traditionally slower night and introduce a whole new group of potential customers to our establishment.”
To locate a Paint Nite event in the Atlanta area, join the network of venues or to inquire about becoming a featured artist,
More information about Paint Nite can be found at or they can be followed and @paintnite on Twitter.

Big Tex Decatur and Goose Island Beer Dinner
(Hey y’all, it’s on July 18th and both Goose Island and Big Tex are going to be awesome hosts!)
On Thursday, July 18 at 7 p.m., Big Tex Decatur will host Chicago's Goose Island Beer Company for a four course, seasonably inspired menu alongside a selection of award winning Goose Island brews. The price will be $50 (excluding tax and gratuity) for four courses including full bottles and pints of beer. For tickets and more information visit,

Search for the Coldest to Atlanta
DJ Khaled, Bun B and DJ Drama to Help Find the Coldest MC at an Event with a Performance by Big Sean
Coors Light takes its Search for the Coldest to Atlanta, hosting its second semifinals event with celebrity hosts and judges Ice Cube, Bun B and DJ Drama, plus a special performance by Big Sean. The contest will feature live battles between the winning MCs from the Dallas, Charlotte and New Orleans artist showcases, along with the top Atlanta contestant. These four MCs were chosen through online votes and artist showcases, advancing to the Atlanta semifinals, for a chance to compete for $20,000 and the title of Coldest MC at the finale in New York City, on August 1. For more information on the Search for the Coldest contest and tour, visit  
Who: Judges: Ice Cube (host), Bun B and DJ Drama with a performance by Big                 Sean
When: Thursday, July 18 at 8:00 pm
             Doors Open: 7:00 pm
             Press Briefing: 5:30 pm (Begins promptly)
Where: Prive
               960 Spring Street
               Atlanta, GA 30309
Get Social: @CoorsLight #SFTC2013

Atkins Park Restaurant & Bar throws a holly, jolly Christmas in July party on July 25
Festivities include drink specials and a naughty gift giveaway
Atkins Park Restaurant & Bar in Virginia-Highland couldn’t wait until December to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. The restaurant is hosting its annual Christmas in July party on Thursday, July 25, starting at 9 p.m. Atkins Park is getting everyone in the holiday spirit with a “Deer & Beer” drink special, which includes a Samuel Adams Summer Ale and baby Jägermeister shot, Christmas cookies and a naughty gift giveaway from Santa and the Jäger elves. For more good tidings and cheer, guests who purchase any Sam Adams or Jäger drink will be entered into a drawing for a Weber charcoal grill and Sam Adams swag.
Atkins Park Restaurant & Bar in Virginia-Highland is located at 794 N. Highland Avenue.  For more information, call 404-876-7249 or visit 

Summer Bubbles Tasting at Lobby Bar and Bistro!
Thursday, July 25th from 6 – 8p.m.
Where: 361 17th Street | Atlanta, GA 30363 |
Cost: $25 per person
·         Enjoy tastes of our 5 featured bubbles including:
Taltarni Tache Brut (Australia)
Bouvet Brut (France)
Poema Cava Rose (Spain)
Steele Black Bubbles (sparkling Syrah)
Michele Chiarlo "Nivole" Moscato d'Asti
·         Includes all-you-can-enjoy paired hors d’oeuvres
Reserve: Seats are limited; call 404.961.7370 to reserve yours today.

Forbidden Fruit- Spice Apple Farmhouse Ale
Forbidden Fruit- Red Hare’s first beer in their seasonal line-up pours on Saturday, July 20th
Forbidden Fruit Spiced Apple Farmhouse Ale is the first of Red Hare’s seasonal series. Forbidden Fruit was brewed with ingredients to evoke the experience of fall in Georgia; from apple picking in Ellijay, to enjoying a slice of freshly baked apple pie. The crust of this French-style brew is formed with 2-row malts, Munich malts as well as two Caramel malts. Loads of fresh pressed apples from North Georgia are added laced with vanilla and cinnamon to give a sweetness, which is balanced by the addition of Saaz hops. Finally the whole recipe is “dry hopped” with cinnamon to create a finish that emulates the experience of the first bite of a fresh baked apple pie.
Forbidden Fruits will only be available on draught and will be released to the public Saturday July 20th at the brewery during our tasting from 2-4 pm. We will have Fatty’s of Atlanta food truck, King of Pops, and live music from Atlanta Boogie at the brewery for the festivities.
Red Hare Brewing Company is an independent microbrewer in Marietta, GA selling its craft beer throughout the state. Its three most popular varieties are Gangway IPA, Long Day Lager, and Watership Brown. Red Hare also brews a seasonal line, and a line of one-off batches called Rabbit’s Reserve. Red Hare is the first craft brewery in Georgia to can their beer. The brewery tasting room is open to the public for sampling and tours Thursdays and Fridays from 5:30-7:30 and Saturday from 2-4pm.
For more information visit our website at, contact the brewery by e-mail at, or by phone at 770-955-5430. Located at 1998 Delk Industrial Blvd, Marietta, GA 30067.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I got robbed!

Here is just one of the bags we had in our room when we walked in...
Yep, my hotel room at the Radisson in Orlando got robbed with no forced entry!

Hey fellow craft beer lovers!
What a crazy effin’ week this has been starting with the 4th of July. I had a blast in the Sunshine State until I got robbed! Check this out:
My Uncle Jay at 90!
So I drove to Fort Lauderdale with my family for my Uncle Jay’s 90th birthday and 60th anniversary with my lovely Aunt Delores, right? We had a blast and decided to break up the long ass drive on the way back to the ATL by hitting up Orlando for a Saturday of fun. We stayed at the Radisson Hotel on International Drive which is super close to all the world class attractions the city boasts (Universal Studios, Disney World, etc.). Anyway, we asked the front desk where the cool restaurants were, putt-putt, and, of course, the beer bars for a night cap. We went swimming and then hit the town, including some shopping at a great  pick-a-six selection inside Whole Foods (I love that place!); a quick stop in World of Beers for pictures; fantastic grub (I got the salmon) and a 22-oz Cigar City Jai Alai IPA at Brick  House Tavern and Tap; and then some miniature golf at Pirate’s Cove. Everything was in walking distance to my hotel, mind you.
Anyway, we get back to our room, slide in our key, enter, and see all of our clothes thrown all over the room, bags open, and a ridiculous amount of things missing including:
  • ·         our laptops
  • ·         our Canon SLR camera
  • ·         my backup hard drive (I brought it so that I could finally find the time to relieve my computer of some serious memory space and dump photos. It also had my really gangster photography and awesome videos of my mom who passed away not too long ago.)
  • ·         my nephew and stepson’s Playstation 3 and numerous games
  • ·         my damn toiletries bag (really???) which included my Prilosec and super expensive CREED cologne
  • ·         plus my 3,000 albums on my computer and hard drive (I was in the music biz for a while) and a ton of other things too long to list that are coming up daily.

The items I listed could not fit in that little ass safe so I don’t want to hear that as a defense.
Anyway, we were never offered another room, the police were helpful but I have yet to hear anything since, and, get this: TWO OTHER ROOMS WERE ROBBED WITHIN THAT SAME TIME FRAME WITH NO SIGN OF FORCED ENTRY AND WE ALL HAD 'DO NOT DISTURB' SIGNS ON THE DOOR! 
Sounds weird to you? Inside job looks like the smartest assumption, right? I will not let this sh*t get swept under the rug. They don’t know who they are messing with. Radisson better come correct. That’s all I have to say. So far, I have not been impressed with the urgency.
Anyway, I am here, maintaining my duty as an informant on anything hot going on in Atlanta and beyond, so tomorrow I am launching a list of things you might want to strongly consider checking out if you are in Georgia’s capital for the month of July.
Oh, and thank you so much for checking the blog out daily. I love y’all for real! Stay with me. I got you covered.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Renowned professor says beer belly is a myth!

Photo of Professor Charles Bamforth by  UC Davis Magazine
 Esteemed UC Davis Professor Charles Bamforth gives news we can stomach!

Whaddup fellow sippers?

I know I have been M.I.A. the last week or so, but your homey Ale has been traveling nonstop, including a stay at the Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and just recently San Diego for a week (look for my coverage of some awesome beer spots soon!). In the meantime, a recent article caught my eye regarding the infamous beer belly being a myth! 

I get asked about beer causing that infamous midsection bulge a lot, and particularly regarding why I don’t have one being the imbiber that I am. Well I always say the constant workout plan to maintain my "two-pack" certainly helps, plus I am a pretty picky eater. However, I like to boast how beer has less calories than the majority of other alcoholic drinks per glass. It’s more about the amount of consumption and the typical bar food served with cold ones which tends to be pretty damn greasy, fried, and yes, unfortunately delicious! Anyway, I came across this recent article posted in a slick, beer-friendly website I write for called which was more than happy to include the claim by Charles Bamforth, a professor of food science and technology at the University of California Davis and revered beer expert for decades, who says:

"The beer belly is a complete myth. The main source of calories in any alcoholic beverage is alcohol. ...There's nothing magical about the alcohol in beer, it's just alcohol.”
-         Professor Charles Bamforth

While Professor Bamforth is also an Anheuser-Busch endowed professor of brewing science, facts are facts. Plus, simply put, UC Davis is popularly regarded as the top brewing school in the country. To add, Dr. Aliyah Sohani—an alcohol researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital—also chimed in. "You are drinking [beer] in more quantities than wine or liquor, so you tend to have more caloric intake," Sohani says. "You are talking about a difference between several hundred calories a night and a couple hundred.” See the rest of this article here.

So does this say to chug away and sell your treadmill on Absolutely not. I am just giving you some more conversation while you sit at the bar and order a Unibroue La Fin Du Monde...and a spinach salad.



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