Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Toast To Mom

Brenda Loraine Byron
June 25, 1949 - November 23, 2011
(This Wednesday's service info is below)

Peace to you.
It has been a challenging few days for me, my family and everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing my mother who passed on the eve of Thanksgiving. I have been wanting to update this site and tell you about all of the cool spots I hit up in Detroit last weekend along with some awesome brews I came across during the month of November. However, understandably, I have been pretty damn occupied. While I deal with this, I want to thank everyone who has sent me Tweets, texts, shout outs on Facebook and other offers of condolences from all over the world. Trust me, it is greatly appreciated. 
Mom at her last school,
Taylor Road Middle School
So as I cope with everything to the best of my ability, just know that my mother was an amazing woman and heaven is having one helluva party right now. I am fittingly toasting this Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, one of my favorites, to Ma Dukes. She was raised there, always proudly claimed New York, and has touched thousands of lives ever since as an award-winning teacher, being featured on Oprah, and quite simply being cool as hell. 
It's hard to write this, but I have to keep it moving and push on. I appreciate you reading my posts here on Cruisin' For A Brewsin', and it will be updated as soon as possible. In the meantime, tell your loved ones you are blessed they are in your life and sip the best beers money can buy. You only live once.
Oh, and cancer, plus anyone involved in keeping the cure under the wraps for profit? Go f*ck yourself.
Happy Holidays,
Brenda's service will be at:
Mountain West Church Of God
4818 Hugh Howell Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30087-1001
Wednesday, November 30th at 
The service will commence at 3:30 p.m. 
The repass will follow from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Get your directions here.
Thanks in advance for coming through. 


Friday, November 18, 2011

Peace out L.A. Hello Detroit!

The Escondite head honcho Brian Houck
holding up some gangsta sippage.
Whaddup Brew Sippas!
So I just got back from Los Angeles this morning and I had a freakin' ball! I hit up two amazing beer spots called The Escondite (awesome brew and the best chicken sandwich I ever had called the Slim Pickins) and the Far Bar in Little Tokyo (ridiculous brew selection including the delicious Nelson IPA by Alpine Beer Co.) a few blocks away. 
Kicking it with Kyle, the Far Bar homey.
As for other partying destinations, I bounced off the walls at The Colony nightclub; chowed down at Mr. Chow's and the House of Blues where D.C. rapper Wale was performing; and then sipped a bomber of Stone's Arrogant Bastard while crying from laughter at the Comedy Corner thanks especially to comedian Essau McGraw. Dude was nuts! 
Oh, and the grand finale was the L.A. Auto Show. I saw some of the illest cars during the first media day (the public can see them this weekend) and I can't wait to write about them. The concept cars were jaw-dropping by the way, and there were certainly some praying hands of other journalists who hoped a few of these dream cars would actually hit the streets and revolutionize anything on four wheels. In fact, here is a sneak peek of a Cadillac that needs to be terrorizing the roads now! Ladies and gents, the Cadillac Converj designed by man, General Motors' Ed Welburn & Co:
The Cadillac Converj was sick and might really get produced!
CRaZy, right? And it's a plug-in hybrid! 
Anyway, I am packing in a frenzy so that I can get at least two hours sleep before I head to Detroit for the weekend. I loved it so much about half a year ago (remember this article?) that I had to make a return trip and explore more of this resurging metropolis. Look for coverage on its beer scene, grub and the plush Cadillac Book Hotel under the Westin umbrella in a few. I am about to pass out. 
Wish a bro a safe flight. 
I will holla atcha.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Next Stop: Los Angeles!

I juuuust got back from Tybee which was a really relaxing time, and then I had to repack, throw some boxers in the washing machine and then jump on the next plane to the City of Angels: Los Angeles. While here, I am staying at the Omni in Downtown which is not far from a spot I was getting my sip on last year, the Yard House in the L.A. Live Center. Besides the Staples Center where my boys Kobe and Blake Griffin entertain millions (or used to for that matter), I had a helluva good time drinking Green Flash IPA from this elongated, 3-foot glass called a "Half Yard."
Anyway, I am back and I had to find a brew I have never had, so I went to this chic bar on the 3rd floor of my hotel and sure enough, I scored with the Coronado Golden out of Coronado, CA made with (5.4%) Czech Saaz Hops (top). It was actually really tasty, well balanced and not whimpy in flavor; it was one of the better pilsners I have had in a while. I bought a bottle and rushed up to my room because I was due to eat at an upscale Chinese spot called Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. I definitely give the Coronado folks a thumb's up and I am looking forward to trying more of their product during my two-day stay.
Mr. Chow was pretty damn good and of course, since it was "The Hills," a few celebs were in the house including Mickey Rourke. Paparazzi was waiting outdoors for me and Mick (okay, just Mick) as they do with all the hip spots, of course. Anyway, the shrimp (pictured) was my favorite.
Okay, I gotta bounce. My boy Kevin is about to take me to some cool beer bars he claims rival my spots in Atlanta. We will see. Stay tuned!

Friday, November 11, 2011

On the way to Tybee, baby!

Tybee Island on the fly
I had a ball at the Brick Store and sipped some amazing brews thanks to my home Mr. Avery repping his fantastic brewery, Avery Brewing. I am also giving a shout out to the Brick Store fam including Dave, Mike and Lee, plus my homies who were there stuffing their faces with me: Alan, Reid, Jen, Will, Bill and Andrea to name a few. It was a blast! Look for pictures soon!
Now I'm on the way to Tybee Island, meet some media friends (whaddup Mike, Toren, Stayce, and Jill!) and hope to hit up a few brew spots on the way (Savannah's Moon River anyone?), eat at some of their fantastic restaurants and rest my head at one of Oceanfront's awesome palaces. 
Speaking of "resting my head," another wondrous business that I am going to try out soon is Southern Belle, a company that offers gorgeous lofts and homes for temporary stays on both Savannah and Tybee (as you can see in the picture below). 

You can learn more about them at
Stay tuned for my brew and leisure reports soon!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adam Avery and the Brick Store host a killer beer dinner tonight!

Get the last golden ticket before it's ghost!

I don’t know what you have going on tonight, but there is one event you better strongly consider which promises to be historical for beer lovers in the ATL! The Brick Store, one of the most revered beer bars in the world, is hosting their Belgian Beer Bar and Cellar Anniversary Party with the brewmaster and owner of Avery Brewing, Adam Avery
Dave reppin' freaks and the Brick Store!
Coming over from Boulder Co., Avery is simply gangster in the brewing game, providing the nation with some the best crafted ales and lagers in the business. I’m definitely a fan of his flawless suds (the Maharaja Imperial IPA is nuts!) and numerous series like the Holy Trinity and Dictators. Well, he is teaming with my dudes Mike, Lee and Dave for an already legendary beer dinner—five courses aired with nine (9!) Avery beers­­—and, unbelievably, there might be a ticket or two left! The party starts at 5 p.m. in the Belgian bar and the dinner that follows will be $65.00 per person plus tax and gratuity. Here’s the breakdown from Mike, the co-owner of The Brick Store and Leon’s:  

Cool Mike G. lighting up a cigar
at the 2011 Decatur Beer Fest.
“Five courses paired with nine Avery Beers? You heard me right; a reception beer and then TWO beers per course. Adam has made some very limited and cellared beers available to us for this dinner including some of his coveted Belgian Sours. We are honored to be hosting such an event and our Chef Tittle is breaking out all the stops with the pairings. It will be an evening for the record books. I have very few seats left - please email me back to join us.”

To add, their site says: “Join us as we celebrate the roll out of 200 new vintage bottles on our cellar menu. Featured beers include the Avery IPA, Eighteen Dry Hopped Rye Saison, Salvation, Reverend, 2008 Collaboration not Litigation, Depuceleuse Barrel Aged Wild Ale (100% Brett fermentation with a shit load of our cherries. Yes that's the scientific term); Sui Generis Barrel Aged Sour Ale - 147 cases produced; and the Mephistopheles' Stout (Belgian Stout - 2006 vintage); and The Beast Grand Cru (Belgian Strong Ale - 2008 vintage).

Need I say...err...write more? Email Mike before that last golden ticket is ghost! Mike’s email is:
See you there! I’ll be the dude singing “Ebony and Avery” holding an 11-oz. glass of the Mephistopheles' Stout.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's Dance! Sunday Sales pass!

Now beer runs on Sunday are a reality!

We did it! Freedom is ours for the least when it comes to us voting on the right to buy wine, spirits and in my case, good ass beer on Sundays in Georgia! No more rushing to one of my favorite beer spots to get a quality six-pack of sipping goodness. I can now relive my days at Cornell University when a game's halftime gave me literally 15 minutes to head to the store and back to replenish the suds my unexpected homies came by to consume. (Trust me, they pitched in for it. I was a college student, not the Fresh Prince!)
SB 10 passed in pretty much every county except for one or two, which is fine with me; just so my spots are open. Although my homegirl Vee at Green's realized she might have to work on Sundays and threatened my existence due to my role in getting the law passed, she said she still has love for me in the long run. Whew! She looked serious at first.
Anyway, it turns out my district (pretty much Downtown ATL and the rest of Fulton) won't let us buy until New Year's Day which leave the end of the playoffs and Super Bowl for me, but districts like Dunwoody and Sandy Springs could be pulling the trigger a lot faster; like almost two weeks from now faster! Here is a pretty good article by Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Johnny Edwards and television news clip breaking down when the law will actually kick in:

I loved this quote from Snellvile Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer about his son, who said:

“My son said Jack Daniels is the most popular politician in Snellville.”

And I hated this one by Forest Park Mayor Corine Deyton: 

"That's the Lord's day, in my opinion," said Deyton, a Sunday school teacher whose son is a Baptist music minister. "If you can't do without alcohol one day a week, there's something bad wrong with you."

First of all, there's nothing wrong with me. You don't want it, don't buy it! Second, everyday is the Lord's day for Brother Ale. Plus, some people have Saturday as their "Lord's day" so nyyyah!

Anyway, pat yourselves on the back, Georgia, and let's continue to get our opinions heard and get rid of that old school b.s. that continues to hate on our rights! There is surely of list of laws left that will make us want to stick it to the man even more! 

Now celebrate! Enter Kool and the Gang video here:


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vote Today For Sunday Sales!

Fight The Power!
Okay, so there is this cool thing out called "voting" where you can express yourself by filling out a ballot for what you believe in. Heard of it? Well exercise the hell out of this right, get down to your local booth (go here to find out where to go) and put your vote in for supporting Sunday Sales of alcohol in Georgia. 
Beer lovers, wine sippers, imbibers of spirits and people who simply want the right to choose what they can buy retail on Sunday have finally got the opportunity to vote for this after years...better yet decades of opposition from lobbyists, certain religious groups, hard-headed lawmakers and probably folks who don't want to work on Sunday to name a few. 
Remember that Cruisin' For A Brewsin' video I did a while back that got a lot of love in support of the Georgians for Sunday Sales Coalition rally held on February 23 at the Georgia Capitol Building's steps? Well here is a refreshment just in case:

Also, here are two blog posts I did a while back in support of the cause, including the breakdown of the bills we want to pass, and the actual listing of those House reps who voted for and against SB 10 which gives us the right to vote on Sunday Sales:

See you at the voting booth and then eventually Green's, Hop City, TowerAle Yeah! or wherever with a six, four-pack or 750ml of quality brew in hand! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Heading to the Inman Park Beer Chase!

You gotta love the logo!
Man, I hit the ground running yesterday since getting back from my literal Cruisin' For A Brewsin' thanks to that awesome Celebrity Silhouette Cruise Ship. I had a ball and will be posting some hot photos of that trip, but when I touched down in ATL, I went straight to the Sandy Springs Prado and started kicking it at The Fred. There was a line wrapped around the corner and everyone was waiting to get a possible glass of the Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout. It sold out in like ten minutes and it was delicious! That was a good time and everyone there was super cool, a beer nut, festive and mutually loving the intimacy of The Fred.
Anyway, it's Sunday and after getting my NFL Fantasy Teams together (Pimp Slap and Ale Sharpton's Supreme Clientele), I am going to head over to the Inman Park Beer Chase that rewards the hood and the runners of this morning's 5K race with more than 80 different craft suds in support of the Inman Park Security Patrol. Strapped with my camera, shades and sip cup, it should be another brewtiful day in the neighborhood. Shout out to the Hops Diva for the ticket! That was a gooooood look!

Look out for a gang of pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ale's literally Cruisin' For A Brewsin'!

Ladies and Gents: The Celebrity Silhouette
Hey Brew Heads!
I can't be long due to those dinner bells ringing, but I will be sure to update my stay on this awesome cruise ship called the Celebrity Silhouette launching from New Jersey's shore. Just hitting the seas this year, I was able to get on board this newbie from their stellar fleet and check out not only its first class amenities, but especially my highlight: Michael's Club. A chilled out bar on floor 5 of 15 (!) boasting more than 60 different beers from breweries across the world for our sipping pleasure, Michael's validates that craft brews are finally getting their due props on land and sea!
I will give you an official write-up and, of course, some hot photography to show you what I am dealing wit. I mean, hell, I have to represent my name tag that surely reads: Ale Sharpton-Beer Writer. Gotta love it! 
I miss y'all already!
Bon voyage!

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